Flavors By Season

Im kind of a weird Mixer, In the summer I love lemonade and fruit mixes, in the fall I kinda am in a weird zone where i like tobacco’s and teas, holiday season is full of seasonal stuff like Pumpkin spice and egg nog… and then the rest of the winter I usually do a bakery/dessert ADV… its starting to warm up again and Im really feeling citrus flavors.

Does anyone else have these flavor “mood swings” ?


Yes I definitely have seasonal favorites


This happens to me but in reverse. Over the winter holidays I liked to vape light refreshing flavors as a contrast to all the rich decadent flavors we’re eating during those times. My favorites were light teas and melon flavors. Now that it’s spring I’m craving heavier vape flavors like bakery and custards but I’m still working on some tropical things and still trying to perfect a few of my better teas.


what is your rotation ?

Pretty much Custards all year round.
Teas & Fruits primarily in spring & summer
Pumpkin, Cakes, Spice & Cookie profiles in the fall & winter


I mood swing every day. With 20 mixes in rotation I can rotate From custard, to bakery, and other days it’s fruity. Granted…when it’s hot I want less chocolates or heavey vapes like custard.

That’s the great part when you mix…you can have that diversity.


I definitely vape by season. I switch it up all year long, but I have my seasonal favorites. I actually just found a nice 5 month old bottle of Roaring Hearth (http://tjek.nu/r/b0cN) and It reminds me of Thanksgiving so I think I’ll mix up another bottle so it’ll be ready for fall! I like bright sharp fruit flavors when it’s hot, but definitely gravitate towards spicy and bakery flavors when it’s cold.


I have those swings daily, sometimes hourly.

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definitely on a pumpkin spice kick right now.


I am already starting to think of the change in weather and w/ that I always think of bakeries pies, puddings, cookies for fall. Also I have been steeping quite a few tobaccos that are masquerading as bakeries hmm or will it be the other way around. I look forward to our fall thread :smile:


lately ive been so lazy i just mix what i know i like , however this month ive started mixing some new recipes and ill continue , im going to work on nailing a pumpkin cheesecake this holiday season hopefully ill knock that out a long with a creamy horchata , and eggnog milk shake those are my goals for the seasonal vapes