Flavors for gou

Im trying to make

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3 raspberries is 7% of this mix and probably more in the berry mix. It really looks like a raspberry mix with highlights of other flavors, but the % of the others are probably being overwhelmed.

This does seem to be some odd pairings with some flavors I’m not familiar with so I can’t honestly say lose this or that.

I’d say break it down to 3 or 4 of your favorite flavors and see how it go from there.

Viewing this link below might help define a profile for this mix.


That is a mix that I would steep for at least 2 weeks and probably longer…How long are you steeping this mix?..Also, especially being that it is primarily a fruit mix, I would not use any speed steeping techniques and absolutely no heat/crock pot methods…


Grape Candy (TPA): 3.0%
In my opinion IMO, I just don’t see it pairing with any of the berries. And I would drop the
Sweetener (TPA): 1.5% only believing you have plenty of sweetner with the berries alone. Maybe even tone the other berries % down some. This is just my opinion, you may want to ask if there’s anything else that may be needed or not.

I’m thinking too much raspberry

At first I was mixing flavors 20+% I’m learning less is more, having better luck keeping flavors total below 10% YMMV

I don’t have experience with any of these flavors, so I wouldn’t take this to the bank, but I see the words sweet, sweet, sweet and candy, and think you may have too much ethyl maltol (EM) in there. It’s a type of sweetener that is often used to tone down/add warmth or sweetness to sharper notes of fruits, and is a likely suspect for flavor muting. Some more experienced mixers may be able to expand on or correct me here if I’m off-base. Good luck!!

I would try leaving out the berry mix and substituting the grape candy with a more natural grape? FA Concord grape would be a nice addition?
Also look at a tart berry to add, maybe cranberry?
These 2 would give a more earthy tart element to the mix which I feel is crucial to a berry mix.
Blackcurrant would be a nice addition also and as advice given above start your % lower to start with and finger taste as you go along, this can give a good indication of the balance you desire.