Flavors for sale


While the hubs and I still vape we don’t have the space (we live in an RV) for the stuff to make our own juice any longer.

I have images of each juice for those that want to see up close. I hope the image of all of them comes through. I am on my phone and not sure if it was done correctly!

I am asking 65ppd for the lot. I would prefer NOT to break it up.

Inawera 555 Gold TDM about 90% of 4oz.
Capella Cinnamon Danish Swirl about half of 30ml.
TFA Cotton Candy about 80% of 30ml.
TFA Red Licorice just over half of 30ml.
TFA Ripe Strawberry half of 10ml.
TFA Raspberry just over half of 30ml
(2) TFA Sweet Cream one full, the other almost full 30ml.
TFA Dragonfruit full 10ml.
TFA Strawberry full 10ml.
TFA DX Caramel Original full 10ml.
TFA Coconut Extra about 90% of 30ml.
(2) FlavorArt Marshmallow one full, the other about 80% full 30ml.
FlavorArt Kiwi full 10ml.
FlavorArt Vienna Cream full 30ml
Flavor Art Strawberry almost full 10ml
Flavor West Bavarian Cream about 80% of 30ml.
Flavor West Hazelnut full 30ml.
Flavor West Butter Pecan just over half full of 30ml.
Flavor West Salted Caramel over half full of 30ml.
Flavor West Salty Butter Balls full 10ml
Real Flavors Blue Raz full 10ml
Flavorah Milk Chocolate about 90% of 15ml.


Sorry to hear that @IndigoGlitter I’ve got no room left (just ask my wife) for any more, but glad to hear you guys are still vaping, and hope you get a buyer soon !!!


What is 65 “ppd” ? paper dollars? :slight_smile:


I think it means postage paid.


Yes, ppd means postage paid :slight_smile:


Good luck with getting rid of your concentrates. I hope your flexable in your price. Just in case you can’t do anything with them here (ELR) try here https://www.facebook.com/groups/296974437642678/