Flavors for trade

i would like to get rid of all im willing to take less than what is here and also will to trade for RDA or something i really dont want to get rid of just a couple here and there just make me a fair offer

i will list if needed

Definitely interested. Several are dupes of what I have but I get that you’re not looking to part it all out and whatnot, that would be a huge PITA.

Be happy to either buy em off ya for something reasonable (most of em look like 10 or 15 ML’s), and I could send ya a velocity mini RDA (I have several on order for the express purpose of flavor testing), however those won’t ship to me until after the Chinese New Year.

Being as I’m just getting into it (been mixing a month and a half) and I’ve been ordering flavors anyway I could make good use of em.

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Im intersted pm me.

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FLAVORS HAVE BEEN TRADED THANK YOU @daath could you close this please ty

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As requested :slight_smile: