Flavors give away i don't use these anymore

Thinking of giving away some flavors
I really have too many and don’t use them
I tried mixes with them and just weren’t for me
Some of them I used and loved in mixes before I went to sub ohm vaping and they are just not the same
Dragon fruit I never liked 2 10ml vials
Will get them together and post couple days from now
If anyone interested send pm with address it will be done


First round many more to come
All TFA or TPA 8 ml from vice ecigs about year old kept in dark cool place
Strawberries and cream
Black honey
Kentucky bourbon
Juicy peach
Hazelnut 2 bottles
Got many more just got to go through and list them

Sorry USA only no charge just don’t want to waste them


First batch taken
Will post more later that was fast


Ok I have 3 volunteers
Going to cut it off there
Glad to help out and send to good homes


Were those in the picture from Vices?

EDIT: I guess my reading comprehension is gone today.

Sad she closed up shop, i liked her and she had some decent products at decent prices.

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i love those bottles i use to buy 30ml bottles like those now i forget where and want more lol

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Yes she always put a note and hand written withorders
Drushela I think was her name

Mark and Drusilla, Drusilla was awesome. I had the chance to chat with her on reddit a few times and her blog. They will be missed, fackin FDA…

Second batch

Last batch
All taken

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Remember this huge excel list on flavors they had for download on thier site vice ecigs I customized it
Had percentages to mix descriptions and if it was know to Crack old tanks


Thanks for the flavors sir!


thank you again for the flavors, this by far has to be the best site i have ever been apart of. i am proud to be apart of such an awesome group of people. i will pay it forward when i am in a place where i can… have a wonderful day…


Mine arrived safe and sound. I thank you kind sir.

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Glad to hear it