Flavors have lost their flavor?

IDK what is going on here. I have some flavors that are a couple months old, and some that are about 5 months old. All kept on a shelf in my house which is kept at 70-75 degrees. I mixed up some juices the other day and the flavor is just…flat, really weak and lifeless. My nic has also gotten really harsh after only a couple months of storage.

Everything is kept in the orinigal plastic bottles that they shipped in, which I guess could be the issue. But I’d like to heard some of your opinions as well…

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How have you been storing your nic? I ask because it is best to divide your nic into several bottle, then put them into the freezer. I have my nic separated into 30ml bottles and only keep one out at room temp.

As for your flavorings, I can’t be sure, but it sounds to me like you might have an oxidation problem. When you mix do you leave your caps off for a prolonged period of time?


Nic might be oxidized. I just pull it from the main bottle with a syringe and put it into a 30ml bottle. the rest stays in the large bottle. And it’s looking pretty yellowed as opposed to clear. It has all been kept at room temp.

As for the flavorings, the caps never really come off, they all have drip tops so shake it up and dispense the flavoring, and then screw the lid back on to seal it. Never takes more than a few seconds.


possible answer here

a) do you have a cold? running nose or something like that? this could make the flavors weak…
b) overflavoring your mix maybe?
c) underflavoring your mix?
d) what PG/VG nic are you using?

have you made these mixes before?
how long you steeped your juice?

would you like to share your recipes here? if it’s under or overflavored probably someone could suggest you something…

i keep my nic and flavors on a shelf inside my closet… some of them are older even than 7 months… never had a problem…


Does the shelf sit in direct sunlight? Just a thought :thinking:


Do you do your own wicking? If you have overwicked (?) (too much wicking material) it can pretty effectively mute your flavor.


Thanks for the suggestions. To answer your questions:

This happened on 2 well known recipes that I’ve made tons of in the past, suddenly it’s like they’re watered down. I mix by weight and am very precise in my measurements.

nic is 100% PG based.

As for steeping time, one is a SNV and the other requires 5 days for full flavor…usually.

I’m letting the mixes sit for a few more days at a time and keep testing, but there’s something wrong for sure. They’re mega harsh whereas normally they’re very smooth vapes, and the flavor seems to be as defined as it’s going to get.

@Lolly No direct sunlight is able to hit where my juices are stored, there’s not even a window in that room.

@Saxonn I had thought I may have stuffed my wicking in a bit too tight, so I rewicked and had the same results. I tried another juice that I had mixed up a while back and it was perfect. Just my 2 latest batches are garbage.

I’m going to do a test and mix a small batch with nic and one without. I’m sure it’ll explain the harshness, but I’m not so sure about the lack of flavor.


I’ve had some issues with flavor storage as well, but only because of the sheer amount of flavors (my totals for 2016 spending on flavors were butt crazy). I’ve noticed some that have taken on all kinds of crazy attributes with aging. Here is what I found:
Capella: Holy gross, the 13ml OG Capella bottles have all taken the flavor of the plastic they are in, I know this because my re-bottled 30ml Capella flavors are still fantastic, exactly as they should be.
FW & TPA: A few older FW flavors like Tres Leche have taken on a Lysol’esque smell, while some TPA flavors such as Luck Lep have matured into a putrid mustard. I suppose it all depends on when the flavors were actually manufactured. I love how Hangsen always has a produced date clearly on their bottles, makes it much easier on me.


This is very likely wicking as @Saxonn suggested. I know with ko Gen doh I will occasionally come across a pad that will cause this regardless if it’s in a dripper or a tank. It can drive you crazy thinking you are losing your taste buds or that something else is awry. I can’t explain why I only know that the phenomena exists. Try some fresh cotton either a new pad or a piece far away from where you been tearing it off.