Flavors/Liquids from e-liq.com

I was just wondering if anyone has ever tried the juice or flavor concentrates from e-liq.com? This is where my sister and brother-in-law get their juice from. He really loves the black walnut and they sell a flavor concentrate I was thinking about grabbing. The only black walnut flavoring I can find in our usual suspects is Lorann’s. Bickford also makes one, and I’m sure some other companies like Watkins and McCormick probably have an extract. Unless they make their own flavorings (which I doubt, considering their prices), they have to be using something, right?

Decent prices… let me know how it goes.

Thier nic liquid is disgusting. Extreme peppery. I have their Watermelon too. Not a fan at all.

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I’ve not been really impressed either. I’ve tried a couple flavors that my sister bought and she’s given me probably 8 oz of liquid she’s gotten from them that she didn’t like. I think I’m going to try Lorann’s black walnut first and see if he likes that before I order something from them.

Totally disgusting all flavors I’ve tried have not been good. They used to send me a free 10ml with every order and I got tired of ruining coils and stopped trying them… Gross gross gross Black sesame never ever try it idk if they still sale it but it is the worst flavor on the planet OMG I forgot about this one. Ugh… I hope your family isn’t offended maybe some of their stuff is good but most of what I tried was garbage.

LOL! I have the black sesame flavoring from TPA and it is some potent, disgusting stuff. I need to toss it, but I’ve kept it around for novelty’s sake. I agree that their stuff is garbage, but it’s what they get, I guess cuz it’s cheap. I’m hoping I can make them enough stuff they like that they’ll ‘buy’ from me instead. Unfortunately, my family are all super nice, passive people so they won’t tell me whether or not they like stuff. Oh well. On to a day of mixing. :smile:

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