Flavors lose flavor in time?

I’ve just pulled out a year old Raspberry Sweet and it seems to have lost flavor by at least 50%. Anyone else experienced that with their flavors? There is also a chance that I’ve become used to that flavor but I haven’t been using it much at all, so don’t know about that one. I’m thinking of keeping them in fridge from now on to prevent or at least slow this down.

your talking just flavoring right not an e-juice that’s already mixed?

I’ve had personal mixes and store bought juices which have lost their potency over time; moreover the store bought juices first. IMO it would probably depend on the quality of the flavorings, whether or not they lost their umph over time. I used to purchase premade juice from EC Blends and found that after about 4 months, if the juice lasted that long, lost much of it’s flavor.

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It depends on which chemicals are used to create the flavour. If it is made out of essential oils, then they are extremely volatile so they will “disappear” over time.

Was a TPA. Perhaps it seemed really sharp to my nose and now it doesn’t, not sure. Haven’t noticed any changes to other flavors apart from the old ones getting really dark.

I had one recipe in particular that started good and lost flavor and I lost interest, let it sit about 2 months and went back to it and it was better than before it went bad.

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That’s happened to me as well; mix it and forget about it for 2 months…darn good vaping then! Smoooooth and tasty.