Flavors! need help

does anyone know where i can buy all the flavors i need including MF??? i hate site hopping and hate waiting for 3 packages :frowning:


Depending on what flavors/brands you’re looking for, you can try Myfreedomsmokes.com


I have never shopped there but

Has a pretty good selection of MF

I don’t think there is ever one stop that has all that you need.

On another note I have been saving this for either you or Ken


Lmao easy ginger and thanks @Saxon2 I’ll check it out


No one site really has it all but much of the work has been done for you on the resource page.
Scroll down to the shops and look over the major flavor players.
Flavor West
Flavor Art
Flavorah @ 20 % off
OOO Flavors 25 % off and over 400 flavors is my Go to.
Real Flavors 10%
Bull City 6 %
Gremlin 5%
So plenty of choices and the savings are worth a bit of shopping around.

what are all the flavors you need ?

Between nicotine river and ecx I usually have no trouble finding everything I need. Just fyi, if you haven’t shopped with ecx before, they do rebrand some of their flavors. North west flavors=real flavors, signature=tpa/tfa, and lotus=mf. (I think that’s all of the rebranded ones)

Well thanks guys. I came up with a idea haha (@daath could had a new feature in the site and make elr flavor store :stuck_out_tongue:)

That has been a quiet dream of mine :wink:


Let’s make it happen :wink: