Flavors seeming extremely harsh, hard to vape now

Guys… I need some help here… over the last four days - my goto all day vape (Real Flavors Chocolate Shake) has been extremely harsh for some reason.

So here’s the other issue… when I switch to another flavor (after swapping out my wick) that is just as smooth normally… the first draw almost closed my throat…

What the hell is going on here??? I really don’t want to go back to smokes, but at this rate - they hurt less. Am I doing something wrong here?

Without having any information on what it is exactly you are using, harsh liquid is usually due to bad nicotine…

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It could be your nic or it could be your throat. It may sound silly but back before Thanksgiving, I thought I had an issue with harsh mixes, then realized it was all my mixes, old and new, of every profile. By the next day it was clear I was fighting a cold, lol. Try mixing a little unflavored juice @ 0 nic and see if maybe it’s your nic. Also have some warm tea and chicken soup because that’s nice even when you’re not sick.


So, to try and get down to brass tacks here…

3mg Nicotine with 5% VG Based Chocolate Shake (RF) - steeped 4 weeks - Max VG mix
Using a Pharoh Dripper with a Releaux RX300 at 34 watts with .2 ohm resistance

I was using this previously at about 45.5 watts without even so much of a tickle. Now, at this setting, every lung draw makes me hack up a lung.

Other mix I was using is a Strawberry, Apricot and Mango mix (Strawberry Astronaut Clone) that’s steeped 3 weeks and is usually as smooth as a baby’s bottom. Same results - lowered the wattage, opened the airflow more - still hacking up a lung.

The nicotine may be bad, I just don’t have a way to test besides making a non-flavored batch. I bought another batch of nicotine - I guess I could try and mix up a quick Shake n Vape - but it’s never been this bad before guys… I’m kind of stressing out over here.

I know this may sound weird but I agree with the cold theory. Look up cobweb clearer for a recipe. That helped me kick the icks and cold. It got me through tough times.


i just got over a horrible cold that first didnt show many side effects except not being able to vape every thing i vaped was harsh , then all the side effects of a cold came and vaping was horrible so i set my watts low and the air flow as well just enough to not hack up a lung , to make this ling story short you may be getting sick i hope not good luck


Something else to check is your wick. I get a hacking vape when my wick is too thin and doesn’t make good contact with inner diameter of my coils.


The other thing is maybe you have some hotspots in your nic, and you’ve just reached a really hot bottle mixing up the latest batches. The higher your source nic strength, the hotter those hot spots will be.

Just an update, swapped the Pharoh for my Smok TF-RDTA and it was a little gentler, some kicks but not nearly as bad.

Could the Pharoh be needing a deep cleaning? Would it affect the flavor that much?

Could have someone else check your vape and test.
re: http://diyordievaping.com/2016/02/26/why-is-my-ejuice-harsh-beginner-diy-ejuice-tips/