Flavors tasting weak?!

Hey guys, so basically i’ve been using this site for a while now follwing a few recipes, and hhave come to the conclusion that i’m hopeless :joy: About a week ago i followed a recipe for ‘Rhodonite’ to every word, all flavorings were from the same vendors, I used electric scales to measure, and left for a week to steep, and after vaping it tonight, it tastes like plain VG, i’ve noticed this with so many of my attemps, whether i mix and vape, or leave them a month to steep, im getting a lot of dud flavours, anyone else experienced this or have any ideas? all advise will be appreciated,

Kind Regards, Pancake.

Hmmm. Maybe you may have an issue with your vg pg or nic.

Outside of that. I tried rhodinite recpie and it was a little bland but I didn’t get to follow it exactly. It smelled great but vape wasn’t to my liking.

That’s because it is all about personal taste.

The recipie should work based on reviews. If your vg pg nic isn’t the issue maybe your tasting ability is low. Try uping the main flavors by 0.25%. And so on. You’ll know when you’ve gone to far because you’ll get a yucky muted flavor

yeah my first thought was the VG, but i’ve used three different suppliers now with similar results, and in terms of recipes, it seems the same with a lot i’ve tried, the only recipe i’ve made which i thought was nice included 15% ecto cooler, maybe i should just bump things up like you say… suppose anythings worth a try :confused: aha

I have the same issue and started a thread here:

The responses have been very informational.

The other part is put acouple of your recpies in this thread. Outside of the rhodinite mix.

The folks here will give you kind feedback to point you in the right direction.

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I experience something similar to you. A lot of flavors are weak to me. Maybe try mixing with Flavorah, Inawera, Flavourart and Medicine Flower as your main notes and use the others as secondary or support flavors. It works out well for me.

That Rhodonite didn’t work for me either. I dumped 55 mls down the drain.

You can view some in this thread.

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Yea I had that experience with Rhodonite as well, had to dump it. With everyone saying it is so good and all I mixed all the same flavors at 30ml trust level. Poured it down the drain, it was awful.


@PANCAKE Also, have you calibrated your scale by chance?

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Yea, no that’s not the problem, it’s that regular Ina Raspberry tastes awful to me. I should have used shisha instead.

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I’m sorry, I meant that to be directed @PANCAKE. I love INW Raspberry, but only at 1% or less with TPA Sweet Raspberry. The 2 together work good for me. I have heard some others have some confusion on which INW raspberry to order and said they had 2 different ones plus the Shisha one? I’m not sure, I just know I ordered mine from gremlindy, I know it isn’t the Shisha. But I have no clue how to tell which of the others it is. But I also didn’t care much for the Rhodonite.

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Why don’t you pick a single flavour and do some tests? Maybe Strawberry Shisha http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/25089

Mix it at 10% and see how it tastes.

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I found that by making small mixes of a single flavour starting at the recommended single % and another 2 with increased % to test them.
For example Flavour A is recommended @ 5%
So I mixed this up and also Flavour A @ 8% and also @. 12%.
I could then determine what % worked for me
Sometime the recommended % was bang on, other times I need that bit extra! and in 1 or 2 case less than the Recommended %.
It can be a ball ache doing all this but it does give you a far better idea of what each flavour can do for you?
I also find that the majority of my flavours of choice that taste good to me are more concentrated, they are Inawera, Flavour Art and Flavorah. By being more concentrated you end up using less to achieve what you are after and also they seem to me to be better tasting?


Yea, me either, not good at all.