Flavors that turn to gold deep yellow color immediately

I want a flavor which I can’t discript but it has the follow ‘‘effect’’. I have 3 DIY ‘‘flavors’’/one shoot concentrate… I add the flavor next I add the Pg/Vg and it turns to clear liquid but when I add the nicotine and shake it for a moment it turns immediately to golden deep yellow. Have you ever notice that? I know about oxidation but this happen immediately.

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I’ve never tested it to be honest. I know some of my citrus flavors to end up having a more yellow tint at the end of my mixing.

But I mix up 10-20 recipes all at once. Typically mixing each flavor/vg/pg…set aside, move to the next recipie…repeat until done. Then I put everything away…then I add nic to each bottle in one quick swoop…then shake the heck out of all of the mixes with an electric knife. All of the mixes are full of bubbles. The custards have more of an amber tint, strawberry with a slight hugh. Kiwi is clear. And oranges more yellow.

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This recipe turns orange the color of cantaloupe

FYI, I named this in honor of Vapey Momma, as all of these flavors were ones from her in a trade we made.


Can you please tell me which they are?

Not sure which ones. I have been chasing oranges for a while. Tangerine flv, orange shisha inw, sweet tangerine cap to name a couple.

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