Flavors with Nic Salts?

Anyone make any recipes with Flavorah with nic salts?

When making single flavor recipes I typically use about 4% flavoring, I wanted to see if I need to add more flavoring percentage when using Nic Salts.

Thank you


I’ve been using Nic Salts for 4 months now and mix exactly the same %'s as with conventional Nic. Same results.


thanks, have you used FLAVORAH flavoring?

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Yes, among most other flavorings too.

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OK, so I use 4% FLV flavorings in my current recipes, but when I switch to salts, should I up to say 6%?

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Just a side note: I didn’t start buying “Salts” for more Nic, or quicker absorption. It was for a smoother juice for my Wife, turns out I really like it too! We both are at 3mg.


That’s a personal call, I mix the same as with freebase Nic. I find no difference.

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I think the problem arises when you start to get into the 40s and 50mg Nic content, here you are literally using 50% nicotine in your recipe, therefore that is why I figured you need more flavoring percentage.


That make sense…didn’t think of it that way.

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40-50mg nic in ejuice …that’s a little to high for my taste . But then again I’m wanting to quit smoking and kick the nicotine habit… so far I’ve given big tobacco the boot and been slowly decreasing my nic over time…

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Can you please clarify your terminology here a 50 mg/ml mix is not 50% nicotine. it is actually 5% (it may be 50% of your 100mg/ml required in the mix but that is not 50% nicotine)

I have said it 2x in threads recently “just because you can mix nic salts at high mg/ml doesnt mean you have to”

Mix Nic salts as you would any freebase nicotine same level you are used to same flavours you are used to.


I am using 100mg/ml (100% PG) Nicotine.
My desired strength is 50mg
I use 4% Flavoring (FLV Strawberry)
30ml Recipe is
15ml Nicotine (50%)
13.8ml VG
1.2ml FLV Straw

I understand that the total nicotine in this recipe is 5%, but I have to use 50% nicotine because they only make it in 100mg/ml

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Bradley can I ask why you are making 50mg/ml mixes (just curious) are you refilling a pod system?

Edit: I would suggest that you keep your flavouring the same and strengthen it if required. I have been using nic salts for nearly 2 years and I have not found any need to increase any flavour percentages.


From what I’ve understood from this subject is that people who use high nicotine content in pod systems that do not produce a lot of vapour will up their flavour percentage to compensate.

If you switch to salts and you’re using the same gear as you did with freebase nicotine, there’s absolutely no reason to up your flavour percentage.


I stuck with 50mg because that seems to be industry standard.

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There is no “industry standard”, as nicotine salts are effectively still a brand new product.

There may be a single manufacturer’s preference, due to a specific formula that they’ve devised using specific hardware settings to achieve a specific target audience, but this IN NO WAY means that it can, will, or should apply in a DIY environment, or situation.

In addition, given pod systems are largely designed and marketed by Big Tobacco (Juul, Blue, etc) you can rest assured, that given their 50yr+ track record of intentionally formulating cigarettes to include additional addictive chemicals, that their primary goal is to migrate their remaining addicts over to the new format. They might even regain some of those who’ve already converted, due to the ‘similarity’ in perceived effects with regard to how a cigarette affected their customer.

Seriously. Think about it.
Who is in the best position to chemically simulate the sensation/effects (addiction) of a cigarette?

The lowlife scumbags who engineered it in the first place. Of course they’re going to do the same fucking thing with their pods. It’s about money, and control.

DIY is about breaking the chains.

If you insist on trying to adhere to some as yet, nonexistent standard, then you’ve already missed the point.

DIY is about catering to the individual’s need.
Pods are shooting for the mass market, and control (aside from entities like B.eliquids, who I’ve not heard anything about him using salts).

Pod use is a market in its infancy.

Please give some further thought to what people are trying to explain to you. They have nothing to gain.

Also give thought to the idea that the use of salts in Pods, is quite likely to be VERY DIFFERENT from the salts used in DIY. Or, they are highly likely to be further ‘enhanced’… AKA “specially formulated” by Big Tobacco, and are a substantially larger threat, than anything else being done in the DIY community.


Hmmm. I think it’s time to chime in here to support what other have said… I do believe words help.

I agree. There is no perfect industry standard. Yes…some popular super low powered devices like the jull offer a finished product of 50mg pods. But more and more vendors are starting to sell 20mg-40mg ejuice. Right or wrong there will be lots of changes with nic salts and the popularization.

Yes, many of us prefer to speak to finished product in terms of mg/ml because we all order nicotine in varying strength and speaking to a percent can cause confusion when people stumble across the thread. Personally I don’t respond to posts like that because there are too many follow up questions. For safety I like speaking to the end product.

Do you need more flavoring? Maybe. Depends on the setup and flavor profile. No, generally, when not changing anything but the type of nic. If you are changing from low ohm big builds to small mtl then maybe. Test it out. But yeah maybe.

Maybe you say…yeah I said maybe! Holy f’ish crap. Yes. You need to test it out. Understand that some recipes do very well with low ohm big builds but suffer in mtl. Ever wonder why the pods are solo simple flavors? Mango, mint menthol, strawberry…not chocolate strawberry nut tobacco? Because many of the complex recipies don’t translate well to an mtl. So keep it simple and well designed.

Things to take into account. The wire build, the topper or pod system, and how you react to it and end result…meaning…

Yes I recently got some nic salt in. Yes I mixed it for a finished product of 10mg even though I vape 1.5mg normally. But I want a setup for a quick toot on a mtl tank. I designed my mixes to be bright and simple so they shine in my device and I will know more this weekend. I picked 10mg because of my coil build and vapor product in my kfv5. It’s all about choices.

I’m done rambling. Hope the above makes sense. Lunch is almost over.


Correct me if I’m wrong (as I feel “it’s understood” among most, but given who we’re dealing with; a person appearing to be completely new to DIY, and several of the concepts contained within said premise), I feel that you perhaps left out the most important point.

With the idea in mind, that I’m not going to be able to vape for an extended period, and in hopes that the single, momentary MTL puff of the increased 10mg, is going to “carry me” for the duration that I expect to be without.

Not using the device for quite sometime effectively offsets the increase in nicotine, even though the initial effects are more substantial.


Yes. When the situation calls for a change in vape style. Like when I shouldnt use my dual ss316l 0.21 blow cloads setup. 1.5mg nic doesn’t satisfy me in an mtl setup and even as low as 3mg in mtl kills my throat now.

There are just times I need to really do a basic mtl, 3 -5 pulls in one minute and be good till my next session. Sadly, my cloud setup I vape as much as I can in 10minutes while on break. Which does make me happy but I cloud up half a city block and 20 health care professionals now know where I stand outside (1.5 blocks from the front door lol) and are surprised when I stand in a new spot because it’s raining. (Go figure, it rains in Portland)

Hope that makes sense. (Slight edits to make grammar Berger.)


Mmmmmm ‘grammar berger’!
Sounds tasty! :wink:

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