Flavors with no MSDS sheets / DAAP reports - your opinion

I have no problems with diketones. Some of my the most frequently used flavors have them and i usually use V1 series, not v2. But still i am TOTALLY against non-transparent policies of some companies, who don’t provide detailed MSDS sheets / DAAP reports for their flavorings. It is a health question and many vapers / their customers want to avoid those flavors. This makes me questioning about what are they hiding. Could i trust them and their products?

For me, reportings about the Diacetyl, Acetyl Propinoyl, and Acetoin levels, use of oils, sugars, corn syrup, aspartame, GMO etc are a must and that’s why my ratings will always be 1/5 stars for non-transparent products. I can imagine that when dozens of vapers will do the same, all those companies will be forced to become more transparent due to under-average ratings and they will finally stop ignoring their customers.

Also, this may make vaping even safer in the future (before attacking this sentence… we all know what garbage was in liquids in the past and how much better this is now; industry was forced to change). And if it’s even safer and more transparent, then voice of vapers can be heard even more (maybe less regulations and better public opinion).

What are your thoughts? Do they need to provide those reports or not?


I am 100% on you with this, not only are the diketones necessary to report on until some research has been done, but it is more important that the other things we KNOW are bad such as sugars and GMO ingredients be put in plain sight. If they are producing something, they need to be able to stand behind their product.


i think a company like FLAVORAH who makes their flaves for ejuice should be transparent but for the companies that were making flavors before vaping i dont think they should be forced to fo anything different than their industry standards are

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I would say that if they want to survive in the market they should. As we evolve we will start looking alitttle more closely. If they don’t sales will drop.

For example, (not that I have requested an sds sheet) a certain unnamed company I will no longer purchase from because of the unusual reactions that happen at 4-8 week steeping. I suspect this is due to pdo or other things that do not play with other brands like FA cap flv and tpa. I get super odd notes and it takes more work to fix them. Overall it’s a super bad experiance for me.

Therefore my flavor budget will now be more vested in flv and mf for recpie development while I fall back on FA and inw flavors i have been using for two years.

For the unnamed company it will be 6 months of slow development to figure out the balances.


The msds sheets will only hint at the ingredients they are only there for safe handling if a spill happens - using them to choose what flavour you use will not give you a full picture - it would be nice to know what is in a lot of flavours but I don’t think there will ever be a comprehensive ingredients list for any flavour (unless the ones submitted for tpd approval get released somehow)


they survived before vaping im sure they would survive without it , now a company like FLV who is dependant on the vape industry i would agree completely , however a company like lorann would survive with or without us , these obviously are only my opinions , i just dont think vaping has that much of an impact on the flavor companies as we think we do why else would a company like MF care less if they serve the vaping scene with that being said im also pretty sure they like the extra income


Whether I am eating it or vaping it; I still would like to know what is in it. Problem is, in releasing a lot of this information, it crosses into revealing ‘trade secrets’. My hats off to TFA for being able to provide 100% inclusive MSDS sheets as well as component lists.

im sure you werent worried about diketones until you started vaping though , honestly how many times were you checking the DA amounts when artificial butter was being used , i know i didnt even know about diketones until i vaped and at the movies i was always asking for extra butter lol

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Oh of course not! I will eat diketones all day lol it is the other stuff that I am not wanting to put into my body such as dyes, artificial sugars, and certain preservatives.