Flavour Apprentice Throat Hit

Anyone on here experienced harsh throat hit from Flavour Apprentice concentrates ?

I find Fuji Apple has quite a bite to it for the first few hits but I get used to it after awhile.

Fuji is flavour art :slight_smile: and after 2 weeks it should be smooth, but I quite enjoy fuji and grape juice as a shake and vape.
To answer the OPs question, no more than other suppliers. Which flavours in particular are you having issues with?

Tuitty Fruity, Bubblegum Fruity all by Flavour Apprentice

I’ve personally experienced the same with bubblegum, it’s harsh no matter what you do with it. As for tutti fruit, I can’t comment, I haven’t opened the bottle. But bubblegum flavours are all a bit harsh and crappy in my opinion, I gave up on them.

Right you are, apologies! It has mellowed out and the flavor has brightened, I vaped a tank of it yesterday and it is much better than when it was first mixed.

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