Flavour Art Grapefruit vs Capella Grapefruit

Can anyone give me a comparison between Flavour Art and Capella Grapefruits? I’m familiar with the Capella, but have never used the FA how much more concentrated is it?

HIC is pretty good with flavor descriptions. I often follow the notes with pretty good success.

HIC’s Notes:

Yellow or perhaps pink grapefruit flavor - the whole fruit, not just the juice. This is not a sweet flavor, not a ruby-red grapefruit. It includes a bitter edge, like the membrane between grapefruit sections. If you like fruity cocktail vapes, try Grapefruit with Gin.

FA Orange and Lemon Sicily are both sweeter and combine well with Grapefruit.

If you need a sweet grapefruit flavor, consider TFA Hpno. Using it with FA Grapefruit can give you the best of both.

Read all of HIC’s Notes here:

Percentages in recipes
Average mixing quantity: 2.3% (Median: 1.6%)
Single flavor recommendations: 1
Average quantity: 3% (Median: 3.0%)

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