Flavour Art Lime differences?

I recently purchase Lime Tahiti (distilled) but I’m curious how this differs from the cold pressed version. Would it be that noticeable if I used the distilled version if a recipe calls for cold pressed? And WTF does cold pressed mean anyway?

I don’t know if you’ve heard of HIC but he’s notorious in these DIY forums. He reviewed the FA line of flavors and this is from his notes.

If you want to read his full review here’s a link provided by @Jimk
#HIC’s “My notes on”

FA Lime Cold-Press: 3%

FA has two lime flavors, quite different. This is the more common lime flavor.

This is refreshing, a little tart, fresh, realistic lime juice flavor. It’s a regular lime, not a Key lime. It’s not very sour, just a bit tart. It isn’t sweetened. There’s no bitterness.

If you’d like to vape plain lime juice flavor, or if you’re making a limeade vape, this is the one to use.

If you’re mixing this with other flavors, start with 0.5%. This is a strong flavoring, but it melds nicely with other flavors if you use a light hand.

Perfect for most beverage recipes (limeade! Lime Coke!) - but if you want the sharp flavor of lime zest, look for FA Lime Tahiti Distilled.

For Key lime flavor, start with FA Lime Tahiti (perhaps mellowed a bit with this flavor).

FA Lime Tahiti / Distilled: 2-3%

This is sharp, zesty, eye-opening, in-your-face lime, bit a little hint of bitterness. Think of it as lime zest or Key Lime. Not sweet and not a candy flavor.

If you’re mixing with this, start at 0.5% or lower - it can dominate other flavors even at 1%.

Perfect for cocktail flavors - this is the muddled lime in a mixed drink.

Use this (perhaps mellowed with a little FA Lime Cold-Press) for Key lime flavor. Or use mostly the Cold-Press flavor with a hint of Tahiti for extra zip in your limeade.

No other brand gets real lime juice (“cold press”) and zest ("Tahiti / distilled) as accurately as FlavourArt. If you like lime, definitely get both.

If you just want an occasional lime flavor, you probably want Lime Cold Press instead


I could never mix at the puny percentages that HIC does, but his reviews are great!


I’m glad you posted this…I was wondering the same thing. I saved HiC’s notes but haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. Now I know I want them both. :stuck_out_tongue:

I always double his %. I think he mix for drippers.

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I always wanted to ask him about that, but I’m too lazy to sign on to VU and go through the rigamarole to possibly get a straight answer. I’ll leave that to someone else and do like you do and double/triple his percentages!

AFAIK he uses ego batteries and CE4-like clearomizers.


I read in one of his recipes if you wanted it stronger to 2X the %s.

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Seems like an RDA would be easier?

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Yes, I was puzzled when I heard it too! :smile:

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I read this the other day on VU and was like WTH ? CE-4 they still make those ? Wow but if you can use one of those and like 8% flavoring hmm go on with us bad self much props to HIC.

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Sorry I know this an old thread, unfortunately the link to HIC’s notes on FA flavours no longer works, does anybody have an up to date link please?

He uses gumroad to sell his recipes (some) but this is free.


Thanks mrpipes

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