Flavour Art North America video

I found it interesting. I’m going to try and get them to come to this forum :slight_smile:


I dont trust them, they dont sound European to me. All them aboots make me think they are Nadians. :confused:

Id love to try a blood orange, never had one before.


Sounds promising. I’ll try all 3 asap. I still haven’t nailed a orange creamsicle that I really like. I have a milkshake base waiting for it. Lime without the rind and not overpowering would be great. I’m ordering at 1st sight. @Nicotine_River, I hope you get these very quickly.

Some of the newer flavoring companies has slowly creeped up and over FA. Hopefully they bring a lot more new flavors to the table.


I completely agree, many of the FA flavorings on my shopping list were bumped tho there are some that would be VERY hard to replace yet not impossible.

Nothing like some healthy competition to push things forward.

Now if we could all just get passed the diacetyl thing so we could have some new and REAL custards and creams…


For DIY to be in crisis, there has been a lot of advances lately. It’s so terrible that most new DIYers still start loading up on TPA and the likes. Some sites with 1000s of followers, (which I choose to not name) still promote the use of some lesser companies as being on par with some of these newer vendors… just terrible.


Not even just new mixers but some of us older ones too. It took me a long time to move forward and while ill always have a few TPA/CAP in my stash im less likely to choose a new flavor from them vs RF/FA/INW/FLV.

I had hoped that the advancements would push CAP to produce some better, stronger flavorings but RF stepped right up and made me glad that they didnt.

This is something that i knew little about until i activated an old facebook account last week. Im not a fan of social media so i never paid much attention to it.

Who was it that asked if we were Diva’s? Im not sure about that, i aint that hawt, but i do believe we have had a hand in pushing certain companies, in this industry, in a direction that benefits everyone. I think its pretty cool that we have that opportunity.

Something in the video, on these flavorings, really hit me. He was talking about how some people have trouble with their flavorings. When coming from flavorings that require such high %'s of course people are going to have a hard time grasping mixing at such low %s, which is a point you made to me one day that i took to heart. Im just now really getting to know these higher end flavorings and ive been mixing for years. Despite a couple years using MF i still loved my CAP/TPA so they were generally the main manufacturer in my mixes.

I agree that the circle needs to be broken, too many people spending money on flavorings that money shouldnt be spent on. I know everyone has their preferences but a lot of times its stubbornness, as was the case with me.