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Flavour Art Tasting Notes

Licorice Plus is indeed the same thing as Black Touch. Did some digging and there it was…“Look Further”; I should have a tattoo put on my right forearm saying that.

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Just got some new FA flavors in the post from the latest holiday sale. Two of these new flavors are FA’s spin on some new tobacco types; have mercy they’re good.

First up: Glory

Oh my goodness this flavor is tight, tight, tight! I was a premade juice lover 100% of the time in the past; DK 555 and the likes were among my favorites. This one knocks it out of the ballpark, in only the way FA can. Stand alone; this flavor needs nothing else in the bottle to muddy the works. Now, very elequently, HIC put a review of this on VU. Here’s the link cause he says it all:

Tobacco lovers, put this flavor on your shopping list and order it soon. You won’t regret it. @Alisa, your Bust a Nut needs this flavor, if you or anyone wants a super nice tobacco backnote to the mix.

Start 3% single flavor.

Next up: Storm

For those tobacco lovers that have utilized FA Desert Ship in their mixes, rejoice again that FA has created an exotic tobacco mix that’s out of this world. It’s much like the Desert Ship mixes you might have tried in the past, but this one takes a detour, no… carpet ride to the sublime. No spikey edges or harshness; it’s spiced, herbal aroma takes you to the casbah, complete with someone fanning you with a palm branch. Again, I found where HIC has discovered this flavor as well:

Really don’t think I’ll be ordering the FA Desert Ship any more, cause this has definitely taken the top spot for exotic tobaccos in my collection.

Start 3% single flavor.


I need to get some Glory. I used to LOVE DK 555. I would posit that FA does the best Tobacco flavors? I haven’t really delved into them much, but I’d like to. I just ordered 7 Leaves from FA and haven’t used it yet cuz its sitting at home in a box. :cry: Thanks for letting us know! I had no idea they had new ones.

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7 Leaves is one of my favorite ones - It has a licorice note, which I like a lot! Flavour Art really does amazing tobaccos!


It definitely sounded like something I’d like and be able to work with pretty easily. I figured it’d be a good tobacco starter. Who knows, I may love it and start coming up with some recipes to make you and @Jimk proud. :wink:


FA Glory … hmmm… gotta add to my shopping list now!


I can’t wait to try their new flavor: SoHo

This is a description from FA UK Flavour Arts ~

SoHo is the captivating new Tobacco-based flavour from FlavourArt Italy, created to impart an intense, dark, flavour sensation. Born to seduce those more accustomed to elegant Italian notes, SoHo offers a sumptuous, rich, and delicious experience. The name SoHo was inspired by the famous New York neighbourhood which is an epitomic union between modernity, History, and multiculturalism, with SoHo’s legendary cast-iron architecture mirroring FlavourArt’s strength and beauty. The complexity of the ingredients used to create SoHo influenced FlavourArt Italy’s decision to release it initially only as a uniquely flavoured base; however, such has been the demand that it is now available as a flavour concentrate in 10ml and 100ml bottles.
Please note that because of the complex formulation involved in the production of SoHo, the amount of flavouring required is more than the usual flavourings. We suggest using 20% SoHo flavouring when making up your liquid. To this effect, we have reduced the price of SoHo accordingly.

I’ve read a few things on other forums and folks seem to put it in the “got to have it” category.


FA Mangosteen:

This is a love it or hate it flavor. I wound up hating it. Reminiscent of Juicy fruit gum, but, there’s something about it which is off putting to me. Super potent is not the right word for this concentrate. I literally could not find a percentage in which it did not slap me in the face. Fruity, yes. Usable for me, no.


FA Oba Oba:

A super light, mellow, vanilla or cream soda, not overly sweet wafer candy flavor. The mouth feel is very nice; reminds me a bit of a marshmallow or whipped cream in my mouth. A slight honeysuckle and/or fruity flavor makes an appearance as well. This will blend nicely with tobaccos and fruit flavors.

Start 5% single flavor mix.


I so want some Oba Oba. I almost ordered it last time. That and the Liquid Amber sound like awesome tools to have in the DIY arsenal. :smile:

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FA Liquid Amber:

Yet another FA exotic flavor. This liquid adds that lucious warm, yet bright, feel and taste of brandied or fermented fruit to the mix. There is an ever so slight yummy sourness (not tart) to this flavor. It really lifts the mix to another level and can boost or reveal flavors in other liquids you didn’t know were there; strange, but true. I’ve added this to a few tobacco flavors with much success. My Mom made a warm fruit compote at Holiday time; had I been able to spike it with Brandy, this would be it.

It’s a strong liquid. Stand alone mix at 3% is plenty for a great vape. Mixing with other flavors, start at .5 % and work up from there. It can take over the mix if you’re not careful.


Hands down my favorite underdog Oba Oba totally versatile can use it almost across the board. Tb fruits bakery I like it as a stand alone @7%. Glad you mentioned it Jimk it’s good stuff !

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Ylang Ylang FA flora almost lightly spicy have had luck using it at very low % 1-2 added orange cream cap’s it was really good. The real flower helps ppl w/ depression.

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FA Jamaican Rum:

Welcome to de island mon? This is really not your Appleton Estate or Myers’s dark, oak barrel aged, molasses/cane sugar lucious rum. It doesn’t have that overly sweet, buttery or Coconutty flavor that the cheaper or flavored rums contain. It’s more of a dark vanilla extract type flavor. For those looking for a clear rum flavor, you’ll have to go with something else, cause this ain’t it.

Stand alone mixers will want to start at 3 to 5%. For that hint with other flavors, 1% should suffice.


Flavour Arts lovers or soon to be lovers! I was surfing around and found an article on a vendors site which compiles a metric crap load of HIC’s “my notes on FA” - whatever. He’s very descriptive with most flavors. Not being a big tobacco guy, those types can be lacking in this article. I don’t know how long ago this article was posted, but what does it matter, flavor reviews don’t expire like the flavor itself! Enjoy!

Edit: Website no longer valid. :grimacing:


Just got an order containing Shade, Cowboy Blend and Tuscan Reserve Ultimate. Shade is great and Tuscan Reserve is out of this effing world! I tried them both as a straight 3% test batch and can’t put it down. I had to break out the 9 wrap parallel coil to really taste this. Mmm mmmmm!

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It might take a while for the cowboy to grow on you. Just mix it with something else you like; maybe coffee, tiramisu, custards and such. You’re gonna like the Glory and Storm when you get it…soooooo good!


Fuji Apple is my absolute favorite apple flavoring. It is crisp, juicy and very realistic, i have a couple recipes that i dont necessarily want the apple flavor but @ .25% it adds a juiciness that you cant get with additives. Im working on a Dutch Apple Pie and the flavoring total is 7%.


I’m feeling like Flavour Arts “Joy” is going to be one of those flavors in which I never find myself without in the stock. Just reading HIC’s tasting notes on this flavor makes my mouth water!

FA Joy:

If you’re familiar with funnel cakes, imagine sugar-sprinkled funnel cakes sent on a trip through the cotton candy machine. That’s this flavor. I taste zero difference in this fresh-mixed and steeped for 4 days.

You’ll immediately recognize the cotton candy flavor as part of Joy. But FA’s is a big improvement over plain ethyl maltol. The more you vape it, the more impressive it gets. By adding the fried-sweet-bakery flavor (like funnel cakes) and a little super-sweet vanilla, FA has made this into a very appealing standalone vape. 3% in max-VG is sweet awesomeness; 2% is danged good; over 3% is cloying to me.

Most brands’ Cotton Candy flavors fade in sweetness at the end of an exhale or include a fake-chemical flavor right at the end. FA fixed all that in their version, so it’s sweet from the moment vapor hits your tongue all the way through the end of an exhale. This cotton candy is delicious all by itself, not just made to be a sweetener. Of course, that’s how I’ll try it next, as a sweetener. I expect Joy will show up as in ingredient in LOTS of sweet recipes. It’s sure to be in mine.

Everyone DIYer who likes sweet flavors needs this one. Vape it standalone, then add a touch of your favorite fruit (or spice - Cinnamon Ceylon is good with it), then see how it works in your recipes. Try it as a sweetener for strong fruit flavors and bakery recipes.

p.s. - I saw a description saying Joy has the flavors of apple, toffee, and popcorn. Nope! (and thank goodness) If you’ve had funnel cakes and had cotton candy, I think you’ll agree with my description.

p.p.s - yes, it makes Cinnamon Ceylon taste sweet, and it emphasizes subtle spice flavors in a recipe.


I was just going to message @CatHouseVapor about the possibility of getting it in stock. Im feeling the same way, its going to be one of those never run out of flavorings. I was waiting on BC but it looks like 4oz are all that is available at the moment, id like to grab a 10/30ml just to be sure. I just mentioned funnel cake flavoring to my wife and she started drooling! Well the drooling thing may have been in my head but she handed me a credit card. I wanted to order it before vacation but no one had it i stock.

Ive been falling in like with many FA flavorings as of late. Great for high VG liquids and they mix well with Medicine Flower. This one sounds like it would be great as an pie crust, just a dash of AP along with a dash of Joy and MMmmMM!

Thanks for the input, tho now im sad panda cuz i have none. hehe