Flavour Art Tasting Notes

Vape Mail brought me some new FlavorArt flavorings! I’ve tried some of them in a few mixes and WOW! These guys know their stuff. Soon to review:

Very realistic, sweet, rich and true to how honey smells and tastes. I have not tried any other vendor of honey flavoring, due to reading in forums about FA honey. The consensus was true. This smells and tastes, to me, just like clover honey; aromatic in nature, but not floral. It is very strong and would suggest a starting percentage at around .5%. I have used it in combination with other flavors at 1 and 2%; that will be about as high as I go or it will always come out as the top note on the mix.

Fresh Fig:
“Fresh” is the optimum and exact word to use when describing this flavor. I grew up on a farm with just about every type of fruit bearing bush or tree in the ground, so, what a fresh “off the tree” fruit flavor tastes like is something of which I know. This flavor is spot on. Sweet and delicious; almost makes my mouth water thinking about it now. This isn’t your “fig newton” cookie flavor; I like fig newtons, but this FA flavor is “real”.

Black Fire:
Wow! in a not particularly good wow way for some end users. This is not a flavor for the faint of tastebuds. Is the flavor true to it’s name? You betcha! This is a true, wood fire, smoky and intense flavor. Now, I’m a fan of intense flavors; I rolled my own smokes (sans filter) for many years. This will be a good adder to a mix for those folks that want that “smoked” quality to, say, a fruit. I would definitely start at .25% and work your way up! I ruined the first mix I made using this flavor due to assuming it would steep down a bit. NOT. It can and will be useful, but use it sparingly.

If you have never had cardamom tea, you’re missing out on a taste that is nicely exotic. Cardamom is one of those spices in which it is very hard to describe the flavor. It’s kind of warm, sensuous, bright, floral, spicy, herbal and citrusy all rolled up into one enjoyable flavor. It will go great with tobaccos and drink flavors. It pairs well with other spices and fruit Flavors. Use sparingly; 1 % to start. Really lifts the whole mix.

Perique Black:
I expected this flavor to be strong, but wow! This flavor has a bite! It can overpower a mix with 2%, yet, it can add somoething to a tobacco mix at .25 to 1%. It has a peppery, smoky, earthy and pungent quality, much like a real cigarette would have without a filter. For those looking to find that analogue cig flavor, look no further. But, as I said, easy does it. Could be good in combination with other tobaccos; by itself, not so much.

True to the name; this flavor has the rich, yet powerful, flavor of an almond paste used in the sweet bread. I love the taste, however, easy does it with this flavor or it will over power the mix. I would say 1% to start. I was happy to find this flavor, as I was hoping to find something to replace raisin as the exotic flavor in a few mixes.


This is why 110 out of my 190+ flavors are from Flavour Art :laughing:


@daath, Do you have a favorite FA tobacco? I’m about to make another list and use my ELR coupon code with Bull City Vapor! Other must have suggestions for tobacco loving vapers or things that pair well with tobaccos would be great!

My favorite FA tobacco is Shade - it’s very versatile - I use it in all tobacco mixes I make! I really like 7 Leaves as well, that one is a bit more distinct, as it has a definite licorice note to me.

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I only got Shade from FA . And still haven’t figured out what to do with it. Smells very sweet but vaping it didn’t have much of any taste to me.


It’s not much by itself, but it’s a really good building block!

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FlavorArts “Cigar Passion” or “The Flavor That Wasn’t There”

Perhaps it’s just my taste buds (I think not) or maybe I was expecting the hint of a cigar flavor in this liquid, but to me, this flavor really falls flat in comparison to all of the other Flavorarts flavors. I’m sure it’s possible to get a bad batch of flavoring; perhaps this is my issue. Any other Flavorarts folks out there who have experienced this lack of flavor in FA juice?

Odd - At what % and how long did you steep it for? For FA tobaccos the longer the steep the better…

Tested at 5% in a 100% VG base, no nicotine, with a 2 week steep. Also did a taste test where I wet a wick in a coil with VG and then dropped the flavoring straight on to the coil, let it sit for a bit, then vaped. I got more flavor from the cigar passion with the coil drop test than letting it steep for 2 weeks. I get a slight citrus note a bit with both tests but the “cigar” note, which I was really hoping to find, is just nonexistent. Perhaps the Cuban supreme will be a more pronounced cigar type flavor?

Cuban Supreme at 3% should give you a good mild tobacco taste - should be good to mix with other FA tobaccos :smile:

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Alright you Flavor Art nuts. Sorry to necro a (sort of) old thread here, but I had a couple FA questions before I click Submit Order. Are there any flavors in particular that FA makes that you think are BAD? And are there any flavors that FA makes that another company makes “much better?” Like, “FA’s caramel is good, but FW is much more (insert adjective).” TIA!

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I’ve not tried them all.

Black Pearl is …meh.
I hear Summer Clouds is not very good.
I don’t like Cowboy.

You can’t beat Vanilla Custard (Cap) - diketones! :wink: FA’s custard is citrussy. It’s still good. It’s just different.

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Tis the thread for Flavourarts stuff. I’ve been negligent in reviewing latest flavors, but eventually I’ll get to it. The only flavor so far that I’d say, make it the last flavor you buy unless you want to use it for cooking purposes, would be Black Fire. I’ll probably use it the next time I cook some meat of some kind and want a smoky back flavor, like it’s been cooked over a wood fire…but, I won’t be putting it in my vape juices. The Cigar Passion is, well, passionless. The Custard is great, for those that like a lot of lemon zest in their custard; me, not so much. I like TPA’s vanilla custard soooo much better. I’m a hold out for that diketone laced liquid. All the other flavors in my first post are great! I’m totally in love with their Fig and Honey. I just read a bazillion reviews on the flavors I think I would like and for those I can’t find reviews on, well, I just buy it, take a chance and roll the dice.

If you like a lemon sweet cake flavor, the Pandoro is great. I know I said I’m not much of a lemon person, but I did use Pandoro with some Cap Gingerbread and it was really good. I’ll be using it with Cap Eggnog next…yummy!

Oops…meant to hit regular reply and not just reply to Lars. This was the post. Sorry!

I figured pretty much all of them are going to be vapable. ECX had a few reviews and most of the negative ones were from people who mixed at like 25% and were like “OMG I can’t taste anything” or “EW this tastes like perfume.”

I’ll probably try all the vanilla custards and wind up in Team Cap V1 or V2 as much as they are raved about. :stuck_out_tongue:

Now to narrow the 80 item wish list down to a more doable number…so many great ideas and things I want to try.

Thanks again! I think I am finally sorted.

If it’s of any interest, I made a flavor break-down of HIC’s recipes :slight_smile:


Actually, yeah that is awesome! Some surprising flavors at the top of the list…and some not so surprising. Guess I need some vienna cream. And all the other creams too. :stuck_out_tongue: Thank you! I’m going to bookmark that.

I need some feedback from fellow flavourarts users. I’ve used some of the listed Flavors from other vendors; some are great and others not so much. How do you feel about:

Coffee espresso

I’m in the works of a shopping list and just need to know if I should stay away from a certain flavor. Thanks!

All of them are good. The licorice also good, but a little weak - If you want a strong black licorice, try Licorice Plus :smile:

Cocoa can’t do high temperatures and will gunk up your coil. I like to use chocolate and cocoa together…

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I’ve not seen the “plus” version of licorice on any of the sites from which I purchase (yet). I did see this though:


Wonder if it is the same thing or something altogether new?