Flavour Art Vanilla Ice Cream or

Flavour Art–
Vanilla Ice Cream
Vanilla Gelato
Gelato Vaniglia

All 3 are the same flavor of course. But looking at the flavor list I find
Vanilla Ice Cream (FA) - 332 recipes, 310 private
Vanilla Gelato (FA) - 127 recipes, 111 private
Gelato Vaniglia (FA) - 15 I think. When entering the name and doing a sort it shows up briefly but changes itself to Vanilla Ice Cream (FA).

Is this because Vaniglia was merged with the VIC? And what will happen to the Vanilla Gelato? It still shows separately.


Gelato Vaniglia == Vanilla Gelato
Looks like a merge was done with vanilla ice cream rather than vanilla gelato.

Not sure maybe @Sprkslfly can shed some light (and or maybe fix it?) I don’t have access to the flavour database so there is no way for me to check.


Thanks for the ping. Not sure how/when, but this obviously got by me.

I’ll try and have a look at it in the next few days.


Merged all relevant variants into:
Vanilla Ice Cream (Gelato Vaniglia) (FA)

as per the lookup on FA Italy, and used (their naming) as per previous thread.


FWIW, This is one of MANY FA name conversions that I had simply not gotten around to yet. No need for a forum post in cases like this (where it’s obvious) -a pm is fine if needed. If you see something that’s not done to current naming conventions, it’s simply that I haven’t gotten around to it yet. Not that I’ve missed it. :wink:

Not trying to be rude here, but it’s FAR too easy to get ‘distracted’ by “stray threads” (names that are close enough to whatever I’m working on at the time, but are odd enough that I won’t be likely to remember to go back and look for), especially in the major vendors flavor lists. Primarily because, the more people that have them, there’s more mis-keyed F’UPS.

I do try to approach this in an organized fashion (contrary to database appearances).