Flavour in cleito vs griffin

Hi all. What a great site. I’ve made a few liquids now from recipes here and they all taste amazing.

I decided to invest in a griffin today but am so disappointed with it when I compare how my diy juices taste compared to how they did in the cleito.

I made strawberry nesquik, milk and honey and unicorn milk. All now taste so smooth in the cleito especially after steeping for a week.

In the griffin they all taste pretty harsh. I’m not getting an intense flavour either.

Anyone else have any similar experiences?

I’m running the griffin on a 0.29 twisted coil by the way.



I’m also a little disappointed with Grifs flavor production compared to some of my other tanks. Some users says it has better flavor running Kanthal coils. I’m a one trick pony tho… I only run Ti coils.

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Tending to agree with the flavour thing on the griffin. Not a great flavour machine. She can chuck the clouds but lacking elsewhere.
I’ll try a few more builds in it, mabey try some kanthal, but as of now :-1:On the flavour.

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Thanks guys. I’ve turned the wattage down to 45 now and it definitely tastes a lot smoother but the flavour is just no where near as good as the cleito.

I’m running a twisted cool that the guy made for me in the shop but have some Kanthal A1 24 Guage here.

Shal I knock up a coil with just this? Do I think that could improve the flavour?


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I have 3 Cleito Tanks. I’ve been running one of them since they came out. I’m going to use these Cleito’s and their coils until the next level of technology comes out that is notably better. I did have a lid on one of the Cleito’s strip out on me last week but I will stay with these.


Well I’ve just managed to make my first coil. I did a 9 wrap on kanthal a1. 2.5mm

Works a charm and so so much better flavour!

I have to admit it took about 10 attempts to make this basic cool but glad I did and was defo worth it!

Thanks for all the advice


Soooo did you get yourself a RTA section for this?

Hi Phill!

Not yet… but I am planning to do so!

I’m still using it!


That looks great!

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On the Cleito or the Griffin?