Flavour increase with more VG?

I am curious to know if any of you increase your flavour %ages with the VG content. Do you feel that VG increase dulls flavours?

I have noticed some mixers recipes that have high PG content and super low flavor percentages, ie: Head In Clouds recipes. 70/30 PG/VG mix may be why his flavor percentages are low, due to the PG carrying the flavor better. I have not messaged HIC to ask. Nor have I mixed with a high PG content to experiment. My throat likes a high VG mix, and I do find that mixing at 15 to 25 % flavoring gives me the punch I need on the flavor in my diy mixes. Less than those percentages and I find the flavor nonexistent or washed out.

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I am having a similar experience myself hence the question. Thanks for the reply, I need to play about with ratios and see what happens.

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That might have been me when I copied them at first - the ELR defaults and stuff. I believe HIC used high VG.

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I have no proof one way or the other however I have heard from at least one well experienced blender that high VG does require more flavor. He also went on to say that Higher VG requires Longer Steep time because as already mentioned PG being the better carrier of flavor.

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I’ve noticed my mixes Need more flavouring the more vg I put in .

I will triple that agreement I mix almost exclusively at 30/70vg Bc yes my throat like the higher vg. If I try to go under 14% dish water is all I get and that’s steeped. I tend to have success with the 19-25% range.

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I’ll take a look at VU or Reddit again to see if indeed you are correct. However, it does make sense that folk might use less flavorings in PG mixes if it carries the flavor better than VG. Still, even if it does, I’ll just have to stay at the higher percentages due to the throat hit factor. Higher PG is just not for me when I can help it. As I stated in another section, to lower the plume factor at work, I’m already having to raise my PG levels…don’t like it!

If it makes any difference, I tried a few of HIC’s recipes, but with ~20-30% PG and it was delicious :smile:

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Lol I have " work vapes " also stealth vape
Mode !

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My trick to work vaping - Indoors which is a no no … um shhh… I use Aero tank 1.8 Ohm coil sitting on an itaste mvp at 4 V , same juice lower voltages (if need be you can thin down the juice with a slight bit of alchohol not as bad a throat hit as PG) - outside ZNA50 clone with Aspire Atlantis.

Edit: FA flavors from what I have found don’t require a lot of increase even with high VG mixes, maybe a couple of drops per 20-30 ml but that’s about it… they are quite concentrated.

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Yeah, I have discovered that FA and IWA flavors are very concentrated and it doesn’t take much to make the flavor pop through. Can’t say that about some of the others.

It depends on how you vape. Usually you use high PG in clearos, so PG delivers more flavour there. You use 50/50 for RTAs and additional VG balances the taste. And you use max VG in RDAs running with large coils at extreme wattage. The amount of vaporized liquid is enormous, so high PG content will simply burn your mouth with lava and flavour concentration, yet VG mix will deliver a pleasant and tasty experience. If you vape this way, then no % changes are needed.

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@Aux, tis true. I remember, though I haven’t vaped a clearo in a long time. When I swapped over to tanks and drippers, I remember thinking, geez o pete what flavor!

In my search for opinions and answers I found this page on a vendors site (and ordered some goodies):


NOTE: I don’t necessarily agree with all of it but its still an interesting read :smile:

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I want to see him/her drip that 24mg 70/30


They won’t do it again ! Omg 24mg dripping F- that ! Never would I do that … Oh 2mgs killed my throat !

I remember when I went from an 808 ecig to a mod. I was using 18mg in the 808 and when I bought my mod it came with a bottle of 12mg. I thought that was gonna be to weak for me. HOLY CRAP!! I spit and sputtered for 2 hours. I finally cut that bottle down to 6mg and it worked alot better for me.

@ Danny2 i was the same way man i thought i would die so i dropped it to zero in my Goblin tank with a Kbox mod

The high level of VG tends to mutes the flavour. 50% of VG I might aim for 25% more flavour in the mix.