Flavour issues

i am trying to make my own e-juice for personal use. I decided to just do straight flavors to start with
picked up
graham cracker tfa
brown sugar tfa
sweetener tfa
peanut butter la
honey tfa
cinnamon roll tfa
cinnamon sugar cookie la

my issue is every flavor has the same harsh taste to it i have mixed them at 5% all the way up to 20%. i have let them steep from 3 days latest tests up to 3 weeks first craft.

I know people are successful in creating good tasting e-juice i just don’t know were to go from here or what the issue
could be.

all juices mixed at .6% nic
i even made 2 with 0 nic thinking my nic was making the flavor I’m not liking

The tfa honey is horrid …as well as the Graham cracker I can’t stomach . I’ve tried the rest of them other than the sugar cookie one and they all aren’t my favorites . I’d say try another flavor company like flavor art or flavor west . May be your equipment ? What are you vaping on ?

testing on a steamboat and a doge v2
.75 ohms in doge, 1.30 ohms in steamboat with wickless coil

And you get the same nasty flavor off both I would assume , so I’d say the flavors you picked just aren’t your cup of tea . I have a pile of flavors that I don’t particularly like …it’s hit and miss with diy . Keep on plugging you’ll make something good eventually

I agree with mixedup1 the flavor’s you have currently are actually really difficult to start out with and most seem more of an add than a stand alone flavors try to pick some new stuff out from another company and see how it goes. Start with capellas they’re really straight forward IMO so nice fruits as well as bakery flavors. Keep trying it can be tough but once you get the hang of it you’ll be hooked ! Good luck. Btw I too have plenty of flavors I just didn’t care for it happens.

Hi Swilly; I have to agree with the others here. These flavors you named, not one of them would I blend up as a stand-alone flavor. I think you should try Flavor West to start with. Most of their flavors are not heavily concentrated and trying to figure out how to use heavily concentrated flavors is not for beginners. It’s hard enough for us guys who have been doing this for a while sometimes.

Here’s a couple stand-alones to play with from flavor west

Gummi Bear
Green Goblin Energy
Ecto Cooler
Capt. Crunch Berry
Cloud Nine
Pina Colada
Tutti Fruitti

There’s a few to just get you started and learning the basics. Be sure to look at the Flavor West/ Mt Baker Vapor review thread here on the forum when ordering from Flavor West. Once you get the basic 4 ingredient blend down you can start looking at more complex recipes here. Most Flavor West flavors are recommended at 15% of the mix. Use the online calculator to figure your mix. Also recommend 60VG/40PG or 70VG/30PG. If you are doing 50/50, maybe this could be some of your harshness. More PG more throat hit, More VG, more Vapor.

One last thing, Flavor West’s NATURAL FRUIT FLAVORS do seem to be very concentrated. Hope this helps a bit…

Also pick up the regular cap’n crunch flavouring …one of my faves and is a great add on to dessert vapes …oh and capellas custard . I use v2 cause it’s the only one I’ve tried but most swear by the original

Want another opinion? So glad you asked :smile:

Personally I don’t do stand alones…even from FW or other suppliers where the mix is vapable, tasty even. That’s because when I do that I’m not creating anything which, for me at least, has to be around 90% of my enjoyment! So while some flavoring might be good by themselves, I tend to do mixes which produce a more polished result where there was some purposeful application of flavors. This would apply to tobacco blends, candies, fruits, bakery, savory…every type flavor profile. I tend to focus on fruits and have a basic approach. Here we go…

Fruits. Most of them I blend with vanillas and creams. All of them I add sweeteners.
2-3 fruit blends at most equaling at most around 10% total flavoring. I really shoot for closer to 7% but trial and error will out what is best.
With the fruit I will add some cream. A favorite is vanilla custard and bavarian cream together. Total 7-9%.
Then add something to sweeten…perhaps cotton candy or plain sweetener. Here, let me “concoct” a recipe:
Caramel Apple:
Red apple - 8%
Caramel Candy - 5% (counted as a cream)
Bavarian Cream - 4%
Sweetener - 4%

Now honesty I don’t have any red apple or caramel candy. However, I can say with certainty that this blend would be vapable if not downright tasty. Doing a small test batch would reveal where adjustments need to be made.

Let’s try another
Lemon Pudding
Lemon 5%
Bavarian Cream 5%
Brown Sugar 4% (this is flavor, not sweetener)
Vanilla Swirl 3%
Cotton Candy 4% (sweetener)

Again, nothing I’ve made but before as you can see, there is a method here. Trying to stay around 20-22% total flavor and include the fruit, cream and sweetener in relatively structured way. And once again, this is where I would start for a test batch…not necessarily where I would end up.

Aside from peanut butter and honey, I have the rest of the flavors you put up and wouldn’t use any one of them by themselves. Peanut butter might taste like peanut butter…just with no sweetener. Imagine making KoolAid and leaving out the sugar. Same principle with most flavors that are inherently sweet. Graham cracker is just awful…until it’s mixed with the right blend of other ingredients…then it stands up and says hey, I’m here. How do you like me now? In fact all your flavors have their place.

Again, all opinion here. If you try making blends with certain flavor profiles and the results are way off…ask yourself what could possibly go with it to make it better. Best of luck to you.