Flavour profile for eucalyptus please

Hi guys, Im trying to recreate one of my edv, Its called Toonz by Diamond Mist. By the name you would expect it to be a cherry menthol flavour but it isnt, its more complex, think Red Astaire or Heisenberg kinda thing. I get a subtle red berry base with lots of Koolada, but no menthol or mint notes at all, and something else that I`m hoping will be eucalyptus.

So I suppose I`m asking two favours then, if someone would be so kind as to point me in the direction of a profile for eucalyptus, and secondly if anyone is familiar with Toonz and could help me out with the overall formulation of the flavour.

I thank you all in advance and wish everyone a very happy coiling, wicking, mixing and vaping 2017

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Hi @vince01

If you go over to the recipe side of ELR and search Euc in the flavour list it brings up a fair few - if you click on the notes part of the flavour you’ll be able to see what comments have been made about the flavour. Hope this helps?

Not familiar with the liquid you are asking about so can’t help there, sorry!


Hi Lolly,thanks, Ive looked in there, most of the recipes are using euc + mint, some have euc INW which doesnt have a profile as such, and also euc rebranded which also isn`t listed.

I`m thinking of making 2 versions one with and one without, was just hoping I could save some time and bother

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Ahhhhh. I’m sure somebody with more mint experience will be able to assist!

Good luck with cloning - have fun :smiley:


Eucalyptus to me, is a strong but warmer menthol,minty taste,sweeter in profile to straight up menthol. It’s not a straight up mint either. So although not a straight up menthol or mint it is part of that family of flavours so shares certain characteristics.

The Inawera Eucalyptus and mint concentrate is a gorgeous blend, but very strong so tread carefully!

Have you tried spearmint in your mix, that could be a possibility?

I hope this helps?


@Chewy thanks for your help, as I mentioned in my OP I don’t taste any mint notes so maybe euc isn`t the answer, maybe horehound ? There is a warmth but no minty sweetness. The search continues