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Just found the ‘What can I make’ and ‘My stash’ functionality! Awesome!

Not sure why I didn’t see that previously - is it because I now have an account and you need an account for that feature or was I just being blind? :confused:

I’ve no idea how the site is developed or how hard this would be, but I think it’d be a brilliant feature.

Having just started out (literally this weekend) - we bought 10 flavour concentrates to begin with.

It would be great if there was a search form that allowed you to ‘check’ a collection of known flavours (from the existing flavour database) and find recipes that contained only those flavours. This would mean we could have a crack at making a known recipe with the flavours we had on the table - as opposed to reading many recipes and having to skip them because we didn’t have a flavour the recipe needed.

I do appreciate that’s probably one of the more advanced features one could ask for - but I thought I’d float the idea :slight_smile:


Whilst I’m here on the feedback section - really enjoyed using the site.

It’s simple, clean and effective and I particularly like the flavour database and how the recipes are linked to the flavours rather than just plain text (I imagine that’ll open the doors to some pretty powerful search functionality).


on the recipe side if you put in all your flavors and hit the WHAT CAN I MAKE button it will bring up all the recipes in the data base that you can make with what you have. :wink:

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Yep - typical - I noticed that immediately after posting :joy:

Now it’s time to see what I can concoct this evening!

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haha you edited as i was posting

Good Luck and have FUN!!

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I did - I was just about to hit submit and saw your message come through.

Cheers for the heads up though, appreciated.


This is some pretty awesome forum software too - very different to the typical VBulletin / phpBB.

It’s even got a diff tool for comparing changes when editing :expressionless:

Welcome @sensible =)

Seems like you’re getting the hang of things!
Enjoy your stay, and welcome to the long and winding journey! It’s an excellent adventure.


Thanks @Sprkslfly!

Yep, walked the first few steps of the path thus far, long road ahead - but it won’t be a boring trip :slight_smile:

Just currently filling up some 100ml bottles with PG and VG ready to have my first go at mixing by weight instead of ml’s.


This information pretty much is a must know:

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