Flavour Stash HELP REQ

I was just looking to put an order in for some new concentrates but i am stumped.

Just based on my current flavour stash could any one recommend any additions and recipies i could make with them?

I fell of vaping for a while but im back now and im looking to try some new DIY’s

Thanks in advance

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Have you tried “what can I make”? Also, can you link your flavor stash or user name on the recipe side?


Ive had a look at the what can i make but its quite limited for the range of flavours that i have, mainly giving me custards and cheesecakes. i have made my stash visible, are you not able to see it?

Sorry im a bit new to this


nevermind, got it.

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anything come to mind?


Have you tried testing your flavors individually first?some of them may make excellent stand alone flavors!

I mix up 5-10 ml bottles of every flavor (I buy these tiny plastic bottles in bulk on Amazon, 10ml is a better option, in my opinion) then test it on it’s own. I like to also to do some in-tank combinations with those mixed flavors to see how they work together. I can also loosely try a recipe this way, to see if I like the flavor combination. I don’t really sample additives much, but I have them mixed simply for testing how it changes flavors by combining them in tank.

As for buying more, it really depends on what flavor profile you want. Fruit, dessert, tobacco, cereal, candy, etc…

I am a fan of RY4, specifically TFA RY4 Double. It is a tobacco blend, but not overly tobacco tasting. It’s mixed with caramel. I like it in the recipe Candybeca which you can find on the recipe side. It is my favorite recipe that I have found and ADV.

Purilum Tropical Blend is an amazing stand alone that tastes like a mixed recipe of tropical fruits. (Available at nicotine river)

But everyone has different preferences!

You can search for a recipe of something you would hypothetically like to vape and see what comes up. For example, I searched Orange Julius and it was there! Mixed it, love it!

I like to sort search results in order by ratings. And order the flavors I need for a recipe I decide to try. I add that recipe to my favorites so I can find it again, and hit the option to add missing flavors to my shopping list (which also adds a link back to the recipe you want it for, which is helpful).

You can go to the entire list of recipes by hitting e-liquid-recipes home at the top, and sort by ratings to see the most popular options.

You can also search for recipes using “search by flavor” your stash comes up, click one or 2 you would like to use together, and see what recipes contain those flavors.

If you haven’t done so before, click on a flavor name and read what people’s notes say about it, suggested usage % alone and in recipes, and a list of recipes with that flavor is available near the bottom.

I hope this helps give you some places to start!
Good luck!:four_leaf_clover:


The double watermelon, watermelon candy, koolada, and cotton candy. But that is kind of my thing. Adding a little grape in there too.

Double watermelon 4.5%
Watermelon Candy 2%
Koolada 1-1.5%
Cotton candy .5%

Steep for a day or two to let the koolada calm a bit.


I fixed the Cola and Lemon flavor names - so that could possibly yield a few more results…


You can do some fruit flavored bubble gums! Grape, Cherry, blueberry or strawberry stood out as options, but many would work for a basic 2 flavor recipe.

Or, you can select the gum flavor and fruit flavor in the search by flavor option, and see if anyone has made it already as a place to start.


Sorry, when I refer to cotton candy I’m talking about the ethyl maltol


This is where you would find the option to select only a few flavors that would be in a recipe together. “Search by flavor stash”


A few creams to go with that custard.
Cream Freash
Italian Cream
Bavarian Cream
Some strawberry ripe, juicy peach. Maybe a French vanilla.


Yes, totally what Jenny said. Look up some recipes with a few flavors you have, then find some recipes that look good and you can fill in your order with the missing flavors.


I’ve just knocked one of those up to try during the week, got a bit of a twelve monkeys Kanzi smell going on


I’ve just got some FlavorArt lemon Sicily,
blue lush,
Capella vanilla bean ice cream,
DX sweet cream,
TFA Bavarian cream


If you like fruit flavors, get yourself some Dragonfruit(TPA) and some Cactus(INW). Adding a little bit of dragonfruit or cactus to a fruit mix really helps to bring out the juiciness of the mix, Dragonfruit(TPA)+Strawberry (I prefer Strawberry Ripe(TPA) myself) makes for a delicious juicy stawberry vape! I would think 0.5-1.0% Cactus(INW) to that Double Watermelon(CAP) at 5% should make for a great, juicy punchy watermelon! Add a little Koolada(1 drop per 10ml to start) for a “fresh from the icebox” type of vape.


Usually I don’t completely cruz a full flavor stash. But yeah. You have lots of opputunties to buy some really good flavors. Now of course I can’t remember all the flavors…but here are acouple I didn’t think I saw…

FA flavors…these will get you far in adapting a lot of recipies… fresh cream, marshmallow, cookie. These three base ingredients will allow you to make simple fruit vapes, get you into bakery ideas and so on.

Inw…I am just loving their custard. So if you just kinda like caps version try inw. Of course shisha vanilla and shisha strawberry are must haves for me.

Flv…well I am building up my stash…but I saw you had a grape in your stash. I do like flv’s grape for a candy like grape flavor.

So I listed a few. But again you have lots of possibilities. The challenge you have is catching them all. That being said when you build your next flavor order have as many planned recipes. That way you know that if you are buying 12 new flavors…you have 20 possible new mixes based on posted recipies. And then if you can squeeze another strawberry into your order or other fruit or other bases like creams you will get much further faster…and happier along the way.

Once you keep going and you get up to the 100-120 plus flavors you start buying to improve a kiwi an orange or whatever makes you happy. Oh did I say orange…if you only buy one Maybe blood orange from FA.