Flavour storage

So I’ve been DIYing for around 3-4 months now and I’ve had to invest in a nail varnish storage box to keep all my flavours in XD, it all got a little out of hand lol. Wondering what everyone else has bought/uses to store all their kit in? Anybody gone a little OTT?


Hi quite a few threads on this… take your time and have a look at the below links
personally I still I haven’t found the perfect answer… but I’ll find it sooner or later… :joy:

Hope you’ll like it! The second one will be a heavy one, but thoroughly enjoyed it… top 3D!


Cheers matey!

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Makartt Universal Clear Nail Polish Organizer Holder for 48 Bottles Adjustable Dividers Space Saver

I have 3 of these. They fit all of my 30ml and smaller concentrates. You can fit 2 10ml bottles in each slot as well.


I’m using my husbands old tool chest/cabinets, still need to clean them up, but since they don’t stand in my main mixing room, I’m not in a rush or very bothered by it lol.

I also use some boxes and nail polish holders I found either cheap on amazon or the dollar store lol.

Will have too expand soon tho, but right now my mixing room is under construction. Hope I’ll get it done by the end or beginning of summer.


Do they all remain upright with the lid on, well 45°? :slight_smile:

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That looks awesome - how tall roughly are the top 3 drawers? I saw some of these in a posted link yesterday and it looks ideal, if not a little OTT and pricey, awesome nonetheless! A whole room though, that’s next level lol :smile:


Nah just tired having to move everything from a to be and back. Then my cat swiping stuff off the tables etc. So I’m going ahead and make a “ME, because I’m selfish” place nobody can bother me lmao.

I’ll take some measurements for you tonight, because I have no idea out of my head.


If you stand it on its edge they will be upright. There are two sides so you just have to put the bottles in with the tops facing the same direction.


In early stages of mixing when you have less than 50 flavors [or total bottles],
storage systems are available in many, many choices. Tool boxes, jewelry
armoires, plastic bins, and the wonderful cardboard box.

First, I do not lay my bottles down, it freaks me out. [eccentric, crazy,…?]

I started mixing for my neighbors’ three vape shops (2010) and had cases of
flavor concentrates, although many were duplicates, but also because there
were less choices then. Cardboard boxes stacked all over, but I had some
helpers to find/sort what I was currently using. System seemed to work fine,
but then the ‘testers’ started adding up, more flavors coming in, more bottles
of finished e-juice steeping/aging…and it began to overwhelm the big mixing room.

I bought some nice red oak bookshelves at Sam’s Club, each 3’w x 6’h , 8 shelves
that are 8" deep,and storage below with doors. First 3 units, then 4, then 7…
all seemed fine and handy-dandy, then the shelves started filling up. The 8" depth
was too much, bottles kept building up in front of other bottles, and it actually became
more time consuming than having a box on your lap…lifting up each bottle to see the label.

I decided two bottles deep was the maximum for shelf storage, went and purchased a
bunch of adjustable shelving brackets, 5 foot long/tall, and mounted them on the wall(s),
out of any direct sunlight. Got some 3/4" cabinet grade birch plywood, ripped it into 4"
strips, sealed them with poly-urethane, added decorative edging, and loaded them up.
I did the same thing in my office at home. Didn’t get too OCD, but put ‘like’ flavors together.

I utilized closets in the same manner [shop and home], but ripped 6" strips of plywood,
and used those areas for aging.
The oak bookshelves also became for steeping/aging, but they have a curtain on them.

I understand this would be over-kill for many folks, but I have well over 3000 bottles,
in almost every size that is suitable, but you can do it on a smaller scale.
The 2-bottle depth is easy to find what you want. I thought of making the shelves ‘tiered’
but it would have taken over three times as much space. I set the wall brackets @ 6.5’
above the floor, no need for a stool, and no need to kneel on the floor, to select flavors.

I just wanted to pass this ‘system’ on…in case you ever became as neurotic about mixing
as some claim I am. You can start small, but it is always expandable, and uniform. It can
be made to fit ANY space, make it any color (paint, stain, etc.), any height or shelf count,
and there are many choices of beautiful edge trim available. My neighbors’ daughter put
some up using 3’ and 2’ brackets, painted each set of shelves a different color.

Anyway, just a thought.

Edit: The shelves also are great for all my beakers/flasks/related items/etc.


That is one epic journey my friend! Thank you for the advice :).

I too like all my bottles to remain upright haha. I’ve seen people suggesting they’ve numbered their caps to help identify the bottles, but I just keep looking at the size of some of the caps wondering how the hell?


ah i see now, at first i thought there was a 45° slant to each compartment, duhh

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this is the little rack I ended up with after being threatened by wifey to make some sort of sense of all the bottles in the cases and on the shelf and table and anywhere else I could find



now It’s fully loaded with flavor bottles about 250 of them. I’m about ready to design and build the top cap with three sections for bottles.


Haha awesome :D. Time definitely spent scrubbing that up, looks good! Was it a magazine stand?


It was a book and magazine display from a small market I shop at, it had recently been sold and the new owner threw it out. I asked he gave I took.




big difference from when I first stocked it and how it’s stocked now
I also have about 200 10 ml bottles of flavor that I’m going through and thinning out