FlavourArt bottles - anyone know where I can order blank bottles FA?

Looking for bottles like used for FA flavours - maybe anyone know who developers of that bottles, or where I can buy bulk amount of it?
Its available on FA site, but the price is high, that bottle must cost around 15-20 cents

I’ve never seen them anywhere else :confused: But they have to be available somewhere…


maybe these???

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No, I found few sellers of this bottles, but al of them based in Italy, so I think its manufactured in Italy, tried google for it, but nothing yet.

How many are you looking for? i know a guy who imports his own FA stuff and I was about to ask him if he’d mind ordering for me when he orders. Who knows maybe I can talk him into being a reseller and make money that way too, besides selling his e juice.

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Im looking exactly the same as I posted i first post. But if the price will good, I will take 200-1000. But anyway, Im looking for manufacturing company of that bottles to make custom order, I need black cap instead orange.

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Sorry I can’t help you but I like those bottles! That flat top would be great to label my juices for easy cataloging! I always wanted flat top bottles- Let me know if you find them!

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Sort of similarly types bottles from China:








The chrome ones are kinda sexy :wink:
I may try a few for my testers and I’m able to slap a temp label on the top…make things a bit easier and faster for me, thanks for the post Lars!