Flavourart recipes

Does anybody have any recipes using just flavourart?
I have. Strawberry,raspberry,peach,blackcurrent,forest fruit,Vienna cream, Catalan cream, marshmallow, vanilla custard, black jack, Zeppola.
Any help would be greatly appreciated as I’m new to this.

Thanks in advance.


you can try this thread


Challenge accepted

Strawberry fa 3%
Custard fa 2%
Viennna cream fa 0.5%
Blackcurrant 0.25% (boosting strawberry feel)
Steep 1 week at least

Peach fa 2%
Vienna cream 1%
Marshmallow fa 1%
Raspberry fa 0.35% (let’s add an odd twist/zing to that peach)
Steep 4 days


Thanks guys. I will give these a try.


btw you have some great flaves to start out with ive never heard of the VC or the black jack what is the black jack ??

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Thanks. I also have bilberry I forgot to put in earlier.
Black Jack is a sweet from my childhood sort of liquorice flavour


oh yes my gma gets those in bulk , i didnt put 2 and 2 together but now i know ty

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Search for HIC recipes. Here and on vaping underground

HIC search here

You can find some here aswell near the top


@Fonzym I can vouch for Amy’s…


Thanks I’ll have a look

Ok @Fonzym, given the flavors you have, what about a nice strawberry custard doughnutty thing?..

strawberry @ 2%
catalan cream @ 1.5%
Marshmallow @ .75%
Vanilla custard @ 3%
zeppola @ 3%

This sounds yum to me… but truth be told, I dont actually have any of these flavors except catalan cream, but if I did, this is where I’d start. I’ve just pretty much chosen the medians for ea flavor except the MM - aiming for a little sweetness here. I’d usually be using TPA MM for this - I know the FA is different, so will it ad sweetness? IDK.


Thanks I like the sound of this. I will give this a try. How long will it need to steep for??

Hmm… good question! As I said, I’m unfamilliar with these flavors, but I know creams & custards can generally take a while… but I go with @Chrispdx’s advise on his first recipe - at least a week (but pref 2 or 3 - the longer the better!).

That’s great. I go to work for 3 weeks hopefully will be great by the time I get back👍🏻

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I hope so too :pray: !!! but you’ll probably find you need to tweek it a bit. Let us know how it turns out!

I sure will :+1:t2:

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Hi guys i am interesting in diy and i have 4 FA flavours forest mix peach menthol and cookie. I am thinking about how much peach flavour % should i mix to get best beach only juice. Sory for my english


Usually I used peach fa at 2-3% as the main flavour in a recipe. Maybe you could try between 2-4% as single flavour.


FA peach is kind of flat by itself. I would use it at 5% with maybe 1% or 2% forest mix and 0.5% to 1% sweetener if you have one.