Flavourart Strawberry - Harsh?

I got this as one of my first flavors. I have mixed it into various recipes, and have even experimented with single flavor mixes. I seem to get a harsh throat hit from anything I put it in. Has anyone else experienced this with this flavor? I have yet to mix it and gotten a decent strawberry note out of it. Maybe I got a bad bottle? I shake every time I use a flavor, so that isn’t it.

What percentage are you using for standalone? What percentage are you using as a mixer?

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I have used it a few times. Never noticed that issue, but I haven’t used more than 2% in a mix.

I have tried anywhere from 1% - 3%

Did you ever figure out a solution?

I have been having the same issue with INW Pineapple. Stuff tastes so damn good, but kills my throat. Even at 1.5%

Been thinking of using Ethyl Maltol, but have not had much success with it in the past. Also, I noticed it muted the flavor of my mixes.

Getting the exact same results with my FA Strawberry from BullCityVapor. TFA strawberry is much smoother, but this stuff gives more throat hit than I’m looking for. Good strawberry flavor though.

Add some Pyure to it :wink:

I got a mix with INW Pineapple and Peach together with Cactus and i don’t get much of a throat hit at all from that mix.

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Haven’t used it in a couple months, will have to retry it. Must have been something else in the mix.