Flavourings (Input)

I’m about to add my Flavourings to my stash. I’m going to put them in exactly as it says on the label. I know through previous experience that they’re not all correct even though that is what it says on the label. If anyone would like to keep an eye on my stash and right any mistakes, that would be appreciated.


When you start to type them in the correct name will pop up. Just select it.


First of all welcome to the forum @WoodseyA , you might want to go and drop a small introduction here:

And for your question regarding how to add the correct name have a look at this 3d:

You’ll avoid @TorturedZen a bit of work… (he’s got plenty…:rofl:)


How I do it, is first I look for flavors I might be interested in through the general flavor list. In this process, I make sure I land on the right flavor page (highest number of recipes is generally speaking a good indicator). If I want to buy it, I click the link “Add to shopping list” and when I have a bit of a bigger list, I place my order. Somewhere between payment and receiving the flavors, I just open my shopping list and transfer the ones I ordered to my stash by click the arrow on the right.

I rarely use the “normal” way of going to your stash and adding a flavor that way

In perfect conditions, the drop-down list should be properly populated with the best guesses on top, but I’ve had a few instances where the correct flavor didn’t show up and had to look for it via the general flavor list, open the flavor and then click the link “Add to stash”.


Mistakes on your list (I’m just adding the correct links)

I may have missed 1 or 2 because the site was so frigging slow :frowning:
If you don’t find a flavor, search for parts of the name.
E.g. Rainbow Sherbert (TPA) … search for Rainbow TPA, sort by amount of recipes and you’ll see it.
The flavors you add usually have been used by others before. They have proper ratings, notes, recipe examples, single flavor usages. If you see that’s missing, you know you don’t have the correct flavor in your stash.


Hi thankyou. So am I right in thinking that what is on label isnt always exactly accurate. As in. The cinnamon Danish I have, does not have the word “Swirl” written on it. Same for Citrus Punch which doesnt have “Mt Dew” and Fuji doesnt have “Apple” This is what’s confusing as the flavours I’ve entered are Exact or very very close the label.


The issue is that some flavors are bought by our vendors in huge containers and they bottle them themselves and label them themselves too, sometimes not always accurately.
Also you have the issue of producers not always having English as their first language, e.g. Inawera Malina is Inawera Raspberry translated from Polish, or FA translates from Italian. Both Polish and Italian products can be found on the market so to avoid confusion, ELR often uses both (e.g. FA Cream Fresh is listed as Cream Fresh (Panna Fresca) (FA)). This is a global website with users from all over the world using all languages, so it makes sense.
It can be a little bit confusing in the beginning but you’ll get used to it soon.


Ahhh. Right. So it’s more about experience Of/And using ELR than a labelling problem. O.k I’ll change the ones you’ve pointed out. Thankyou.


Welcome @WoodseyA If you read the guides that have been recommended, you will understand how it works. This site is all interconnected, and if you do not enter its aromas following the established conventions, a part of it will be lost. Excuse my grammar, I use a translator


Also, tortured Zen will get angry … (excuse me, it’s an internal joke)

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