Flavours help

Sorry guys I’m sure there is somehwere out there or a.post but is there a list of concentrates by rating instead of having to search each individual one I’ve got about 100 or so in my basket but some of these are same.flavours from different brands so want to do the research on them?


Yes. You could go to the other side. Click reaources and then flavors and sort by most used or rating.

You stil need to read up and research how people are using them. You will for example see a lot a lot of people using AP TPA but you only really need to buy a 10ml bottle. But if you just buy the top 100 in 30ml…you will be :cry:


If you want to see a list by rating (only), you’re going to be a little disappointed and waste a lot of time.
Find it here: http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavors?sort=avg_rate&direction=desc

If I want a certain flavor profile (or brand), I’ll do so research on that, e.g. “peach” or “FlavourArt” on :: Flavor list e-Liquid Calculator,
then sort the results by amount of recipes, which will return the “real” concentrates and not misspellings and other fudge,
then I’ll look at the ratings
Especially when you’re a beginner, what you’re interested in will be on the first 5 to 10 results.

Check out the flavor notes on the recipe side, check if there are more notes in this forum and if things still aren’t clear, there are other reviews and notes you can find by googling.

If you’re looking for all the top rated flavors, just skip the search and sort by amount of recipes. It’s still not going to make a lot of sense because you’re going to be flooded with data, much of which you don’t need or want.

You’re much more likely going to get better results in analyzing the best rated recipes and do your research on those ingredients.
There is already a topic on this, albeit a bit old and in need of an update


Not that I know of. ELR, as stated before, can tell you the number of stars/recipes used which will give you an up to date clue as to the type of flavor your looking for. The following is a very limited article that just scratches the surface of generally excepted overall popular flavors:

see: #3 E-Juice Flavorings Shopping List .