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Flavours out of date

Hi all im back after a year or 2, been so busy with work but i can say i havent stopped vaping, however i did stop making my own juice and have been buying cheap £1 10ml liquids for some time now, the time has come to start making my own again as ive got bored of the cheap ones and dont wana spend £5 for 10ml that doesnt last a day in my tank.

My Qestion is … is it safe to use out of date flavours to make up some liquids?
I have over 60 bottles unopened thats 2 years out of date, i opened a couple and they both smell fresh and how they should, i dont want to throw them away if i can use them, has anyone used out of date flavours, do they make you sick or have any other health effects other then taste compromised, thanks all and stay safe.


If they are black, toss them.
At the worst, they will weaken in time… or lose all taste of flavor.
Welcome back @Puffpuff2 :smiley:


Unless those were exposed to extended periods of high heat, or smell bad, they’re probably fine. I have many flavors that are more than 3 years old, and are fine.


Thank’s for your replies, they are still the same colour and some clear as brought on first day.
Good to be back :+1:


I’m glad you asked that question because I have some flavors past their date too. Welcome back Puffpuff :smile: