Flavours - Please help

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Recently made a Red Vs Blue and wow it was full of flavour, etc. I left to steep for 2 weeks and all good, i then added 18mg of nicotine and mixed with a milk frother to avoid nicotine hotshots in my juice and the flavour has virtually gone?

Please could some one assist


When you say recently…do you mean you mixed it. Shook it. Vaped for a day or two. Then added nic and then no flavor?

Also. Can you list out the recpie? For example

Strawberry cap 2%
Blue raspberry fw 5%
And so on…

Also, did you add nicotine to make your juice a strength of 18mg/ml or did you add 18mg/ml nic to your juice to make it a different strength… like 3mg/ml or something?
I’m asking because by adding the nicotine (whether vg or pg) you are diluting the original juice’s flavor percent down so it will naturally have less flavor than what you had started with.


Agree if he wrote his recipe as a Zero nic then came back and added the nic it’s def diluted !

Hi everyone,

Thanks for your replies,

Strawberry 6% (Cap)
Peach 6% (U-Green)
Blueberry 6% (Cap)

Made the juice and it was full of flavour straight away, left it for 2 wekks and tried again and te flavour was still there. Then added 1.8 ml of 100mg of Nictotine to make the 18mg in a 10ml bottle.

So thinking of the diluting of the original flavour, however i didn’t think to would totatly wipe out the flavour?

I am curious if you use ELR calculator or any calculator for e juice ? If your mix doesn’t account for the added volume of the additional nicotine is will dilute the mix but if you write it up as you have above and then put the appropriate base you want in it like example ( 50/50 pg / vg ) and then your nicotine 100 mg in Vg or Pg these are necessary functions to the recipe when using nicotine otherwise you could use more than neccessary which your math is correct , you can dilute your recipe which I am wondering if that is the problem.

I think that recipe w/ the fruit could be vaped in a week or less do a warm bath ( just set the mix once bottled in a warm water that’s in a dish as long as it doesn’t go over the cap ) give it 10 - 15 mins. take it out shake it very well until you get white w/ bubbles throughout. then open the cap for until cooled then let it steep in a dark cabinet or drawer for 2-3 more days w/ the cap on of course.

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Hi Amy,

Thanks for that, yes I’m using a e juice calculator which is pretty accurate, I think it may of been the dilution because make 18mg of Nicotine in a 10ml bottle is almost 20% of the total volume of the bottle, I’m going to see the guy on Monday who I made it for, just to see how he got on with the juice.

Thanks again for your assistance, it’s greatly appreciated