FLAVRZ Flavors Reviewed by SessionDrummer -- TESTING NOW!

That’s great, thanks Jetz, I am not ready to purchase yet and am watching reviews etc to help me decide how much I need to spend :laughing:


Thanks @Jetz


I’ll order them next time, my CPI back pay is burning a whole in my pocket. Best thing about government is working for them. :rofl:

Oh hell yeah I’m in, cheers big ears! I love these things mum can’t make enough for our family at christmas. Apricot balls made with white chocolate and coconut give them a fair shake, but rum balls for the win. :drooling_face:

Here it is again :+1: Not sure if it’s the type of recipes I look at, I’ve seen the Marshmallow Custard in quite a few mixes on the recipe side so I’m quite intrigued by it.


Sherbet (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-24-23) – Oh yes peeps, we’re up to the S’s now !!! I actually didn’t realize that Sherbet most times, uses Dairy elements. Never knew that. With that little discovery out of the way, WOW, let’s call this one, the “Lil’ Zinger”. Sharp, punchy, and bright were the big take-aways with this one. None of the aforementioned were bad, and they just work, work, worked. Super punchy, and relatively “clean” throughout. It presented as a “white” sherbet, not orange, or green, etc. It centered around a bright white citrus center, and while not exactly favoring overt Lemon or Lime, it tasted like they were in there, and tempered with a “smoother” middle note. A few ticks above mid-level sweet, and although I didn’t get any “fizz” or carbonation, it was quite zingy, and poppy. Zero off-notes, and it was damn near a One-Shot by itself @ 8%. IMO, slating this as a “white” sherbet, would allow you to EASILY push/pull it, if you wanted to, BUT, you might just think it was too good on it’s own. Either way, a super Sherbet with no take-offs that I could muster. Sparkling-ly placing this one high at 9.7/10.


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That a boy new if I wimped enough your give in love a good custard :+1:t3:



You would understand - Commercial in confidence :wink:


Shortbread (FLAVRZ) 8% (5-25-23) – Man, all I’ve got to say is, now that I’m up to the S’s, and I’m testing this Shortbread, I’m wishing I had started AT the S’s. This one was good. My initial thought was, “How in the HELL is this DAAP free” ?? Yes, my friends, rich, buttery goodness flowing from this one, along with vanilla and almond undertones, with a GREAT almost grainy bakery. Yes, it was the FULL monty. What IS in your favorite Shortbread ?? The one I bake has butter, flour, vanilla, and almond extracts, and sugar. Nothing fancy, just simply delicious, and THIS my friends, tastes almost exactly like what I bake. I really was surprised how how rich and buttery it was, especially considering the DAAP free-ness of it. The bakery notes had some very nice grainy texture to it, which added to the experience. The vanilla and almond notes while not explicitly identifiable WERE in there. Tasty, and almost crunchy. At 8% it was as strong as you would ever need, and I could find not off-notes, or anything out of place. To my tastes it was everything you would need or want in a shortbread, and nothing you didn’t. While it was fairly butter dominant, it was not greasy, or over powering. Nicely done. Sweetness was just below mid-level, and this one was very hard to nit-pick. If you are in the mood for a great buttery, rich shortbread, just add this to your cart. 9.9/10.


It is a very versatile flavouring. It can be used as a gummy or sticky base to add, it can stand on its own with some SS added Run it at 12-14% and add 1% SS and you have a Supergood Butter series.

It can be used to carry more notes in a custard, to enhance a sugar cookie, to enhance fruits like a meringue does but you get the stickyness of the fruit without over powering it or even knowing it was there.

Or if you are missing something from a Marshmallow base it will fill it out and add in the marshmallow stickyness and rounder profiles you are looking for. Some uses but we do use it in a lot of recipes as it enhances them, makes them a special recipe. We have just done a recipe for the distilling world based on Anarchist White - Our White on White and it leaves the for-mentioned wanting. Not the sugar overload of the for-mentioned but you know what it is without being a clone or copy.

That recipe uses our Marshmallow which SessionDrummer has more or less said IT IS THE ONE TO GET. Yes there is biscuit or cookies as you refer to them as but only two like the two marshmallows. Also the VANILLA CUSTARD - aka the one to get lol plus a little something that you would not think of using.

A lucky customer from ELR has this ONE SHOT in there order… who can that be???
Plus a bonus for another is the EARLY RELEASE of IRISH CREAM not also fully atomisable, clean and mean. @Sessiondrummer things that Shortbread is Butter… Irish Cream is CREAMY in the same way as the butter, but cream.
The lucky ELR’R got this with some instruction to add it to our #1 Custard Flavour Shot and see what they think. We have not do this ourselves as we are rather time poor at the moment.
But like most our recipes we put them up untested, as we do have half an idea how our flavours work together.

Big thanks for the gracious comments.

The only thing I would like to review is WHAT??? no CRACKEN for Shortbread??? What would be on par with that flavour from another flavour house? :innocent: :innocent: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

Totally, a traditional short crust


Na can only beat tyranny And represion with total transparnancy


Sounds like we have a solid Scottish Shortbread to rely upon. This is one I will enjoy playing with, and fight off Mrs. Squirrel with her Shortbread addiction.


I love these sort of flavours! Cheers for the info. I’ll be ordering that one along with more the Wild West one shot been my main vape for more than a week now.

Finally remembered to pick up a Bubble o Bill


Long live the 80’s lol


@marsh8 I absolutely love the Wild West one shot as a stand alone vape! I even use it mixed with other flavors and it really makes a great vape!


I picked this one out of the 3 coffees I got and threw this together. At first I thought I made another coffee lollie, made a few of them. :rofl: But the Dairy Milk really shines in here and that’s off the shake. Not sure if the butterscotch and chocolate are layered in correctly but I definitely get a creamy coffee.
I don’t think I’ve tasted a coffee or dairy milk like these, very promising.


We found some years ago that coffee e liquid where NOT VERY coffee, plus they where coil killers. 80% of my blood is coffee :rofl: Our creams are very good as they have been used for a very long time in various ice cream manufacturers recipes. Since we have reformulated to be DAAP free, in my opinion are much better and much easier to incorporate into e liquid recipes. A little goes a long way with them if you are looking for accents.

Soloing a single flavour concentrate is only to get the profiles. You would never use say Dairy Milk at 8% in a recipe. Though never say never. 1-2% is more than enough if you are looking for the Full cream milk profile in a recipe. Again if you want a milk base then 4-6% is a good starting point and add in some vanilla ice cream (original) 2% with some vanilla bourbon 0.5%. plus a little Macca’s Coffee will give a iced coffee base. You then can experiment adding some shortbread 0.2-0.4% to give it a little butter and caramel hints to the base.

The Double Chocolate at 0.5% will give it more of a MOCHA vibe. If you are after just a dusting of chocolate aka cappuccino style then I would drop it to 0.1-2% maybe. The butterscotch ripple is quite heavy at that percentage in the mix though running Macc’s at 12% will iron that out. You should have yum coffee followed by that chocolate on the in and delicious milky butterscotch out.

Fellow Coffee lovers rejoice, nice recipe… well done


I live on Dare Ice Coffee, I lost 6kg in 9 days when I went to Fiji a few years back :rofl:

I over dripped on this I was going for 0.8, I only make 10ml testers unless I’m using things at 0.25. Otherwise I had juice everywhere.

Yeah I thought 4% Dairy Milk was pushing the boundaries I nearly dropped it while mixing


All our ONE SHOTS and even the Flavour Shots have been developed so they can be twisted or adapted. Hence why the sugars there and enough in our opinion, though allow you to add more sugars and even use the ONE SHOT as a single concentrate to add into a recipe. Nice work… love it would love to see how you have used it for your recipe


Now this is a mango!!! I mixed 3:1 with the plain mango, this is the sort of mango I’m used to eating. I’ve mixed it into a cheesecake now, thought I’d need some coconut but the combo of flavours is giving some anyway.

Damn I can taste it, Weis Bar here I come…


@marsh8 two more great flavors! I mixed them with some double chocolate, red Chili (VSO), and marshmallow custard, so very good!