Fluid Pouches

I purchased some Fluid pouches on Amazon the other day. For those who don’t know what they are, they are basically a blank white snus pouch. The pouches are filled with some kind of filling but have no flavoring or nicotine. The idea is you basically fill them with your own mixture of nicotine, flavoring, PG, and VG to get a desired taste and nicotine hit. Since this is basically the same thing as creating DIY e liquid, I figured I would look here to see if anyone has played around with these and adapted any recipes.
I figured I may need to adjust flavoring strength to suite these better, and that these would open the door to a wider world of flavorings and additives.
Does anyone have any experience with these? Does anyone have any advice on how to best modify e liquid recipes to better fit these? Does anyone have any recommendations on what nicotine strength to start at?


Wow, I’d never heard of them.


I’ve only heard of the ZYN Nicotine Pouches, but this sounds like a great idea. I too would be curious to know if anyone has tried a mix in the Fluid pouch…


Their website is fluidpouches.com i bought mine on Amazon, but they are almost impossible to search for because the search results that come back are for liquid containers.
Grimmgreen mentioned them on one of his blogs, but other than that, I can find very little on the internet about them.
I think, in theory, they could be one of the safest ways to imbibe nicotine. That’s just an assumption though, we have to learn more about them first.


I checked out their website and think they have a great idea. However, the price seems higher than I would be willing to spend. It has given me some ideas for experiments, though. Maybe a wad of cotton tucked into a small envelope of folded coffee filter? Or find a source for empty snus pouches? This is a DIY community after all.


Since my last reply I’ve been doing some web surfing. I’ve learned that DIY snus pouches are a thing in Sweden. There is a company that makes, or at least used to make, empty pouches for home DIYers to fill with loose snus. No one has them in stock now and I have a feeling that they’ve been discontinued. Also, I’ve learned that there are tea bag filter papers with a heat sealing capability. You can cut them to any size, fold them into pouches, fill with your choice off filler, and then heat seal them closed. These are actually available on Amazon. I don’t like American style dip, but the couple off times that I tried Swedish snus I found it to be enjoyable. But it’s hard to find in North America and expensive to order from Scandinavia. I think some experimentation with DIY nicotine pouches is in my future.


I bought some ON! and Rogue Pouches to try and used them for about 3 - 4 days (2-3 each day). They did satisfy the nicotine urge however I also started to feel a little pain in my teeth which never happens to me. Turns out that these pouches when parked in between your upper lip and gums will cause the gums to recede exposing nerves that cause the pain. I stopped using them and my gums went back to normal and the pain stopped.They have their uses like a plane flight or enclosed space with people around but as a regular product to use I would not do it again. Flavors aren’t the issue, I think its the constant contact with the gums that cause the problem even though I kept changing the space I put them in. Hope that helps and now you know what to look out for.


I haven’t tried the ones you mentioned but know that years ago snuscentral used to sell unflavored snus pouches that had tobacco in them and you could flavor them yourself.