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FLV Hibiscus

As everyone knows by now, only one vendor is carrying Hibiscus (Shout out to @RainbowVapes)
However, those of us in the USA can not order it. I have someone willing to ship all we need back to us, I just need to know who all is interested in picking this up.

If you have a mail forwarder, and want Hibiscus… contact me.
Available amounts will be:

5ml tubes
25ml bottles
OG 100ml flv hibiscus from Rainbow Vapes…

I will need to know by Friday July 3rd, and I will need the funds for hibiscus.

I am unsure on shipping costs, but 100ml is 17.00 right now.

They simply can not ship to the USA as of now, it could change later down the road.

if this is in the wrong spot, please move it to the best spot possible! thanks! :slight_smile:


I have 2 people wanting some already on fb… leaves 1 30ml…
I could go for a few 100ml bottles… no limit really… as long as everyone gets what they want… :slight_smile:


Why is that?

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I already spread the word to Brendan and …
This is what I got in the mail, asking them to add the USA shipping to allow us to purchase…

““Hi, we have the USA tobacco department threatening to shut down our website, we use shopify a USA company for the website and had a message through them, to comply with USA laws on eliquid there was a massive document to fill out for each eliquid we sell to get them approved for sales in the USA, it would have taken years to sort that, so we just had to turn off shipping to the USA if you know someone in the UK you could get them to buy and forward the items

so if you want any hibiscus this round… let me know.

Brendan has it on the list to reformulate it, as well as adding more florals to the collection. ugg… I have no coffee atm… need to get mine going! :slight_smile:

Due to the fact Rainbow only has 10ml sized bottles and wants to charge 63L for the lot of them, I will have to pass but for those that want it and are in the UK… grab them… it might be a while before hibiscus is released again.

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Maybe I’m not reading this clearly. RainbowVapes is a UK company. Is Hibiscus not available in the US? And why not? Flavorah is U.S. based aren’t they?

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They are the only reseller with the flavor. Not even FLV has it.
At 63L or 77.92 they will sell off their lot of 10ml bottles, think it is 23 [10ml] when on site it is saying 100ml bottles for 14L or 17.43 for a 100ml… I will pass.

I do know FLV has it on the list for reformulation, as well as a few other florals.

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Yeah they have 22 10ml bottles left for

And you can buy 100ml for £14

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I live in the uk and they said they wont send me 100ml or more to my location i can buy 22 10ml bottles


As much as I love hibiscus… I won’t do 10ml bottles.
I have had my 15ml bottle of it for 3 yrs and just now hitting a 5ml mark left.
It’s really a beautiful flavor, when you keep it low.
I just don’t want the 10ml bottles.
I did tell them I was sending a friend to purchase and ship back here, but eh…
I can wait till flv reformulates it.

Thanks anyways Ben, I know you tried. :smiley:

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I’ve even tried wizardvape and they have sold out of Hibiscus.I was wondering if there is any chance you could send me some of your one shots please as it’s only $18 to ship to the uk that would make my day :blush:


[quote=“SmokyBlue, post:6, topic:244146”]
They are the only reseller with the flavor. Not even FLV has it.

Hmm… I must have fallen out of the stupid tree and hit every branch on the way down. If Flavorah is the manufacturer of a flavor which they have none of, I’m thinking all they need to do is flip that Hibiscus switch and make more, right?
Are they holding out til it’s reformulated?
BTW I have no interest in Hibiscus whatsoever. But when I read the thread here it raised some questions. :slightly_smiling_face:


FLV is the manufacture, yes.
They have stopped production of it due to trace compounds that can no longer be obtained.
They need to reformulate it.
The last of it is sitting on Rainbow vapes site… and I do not want to buy 23 10ml bottles of it :slight_smile:
They have 100ml of it, but Ben can not buy that amount, even tho he is in the UK.
So… we will pass till it is remade…

Make better sense, Tz?? :smiley:

It really sucks as I wanted the larger bottles, I have folks on fb interested. I could have sold off 4 100ml bottles, but they can not be obtained. Therefore they loose out. It sucks but there are other flavors to be mixed with less complications. :slight_smile:


That’s the puzzle piece I was missing. Makes sense now.