Flv peppermint..thoughts?

I have been using tpa peppermint but am slowly switching over to flavorah for some flavors. Looked at the notes but there isn’t a whole lot about it. Thoughts? Good? How is it compared to tpa? Thanks!


I’m thinking @anon84779643 would be the one to answer this. She’s the resident Flavorah queen.


@Laura5 has also invested a considerable amount of time on [strike]FLV[/strike], sorry, old habits die hard. Flavorah! :wink: lol


FLV Peppermint is simply the truth. You’re on a good path, so stick with it. 1 or 2 drops per 15-30 mls serves me just right.

I switched from FA Peppermint (which is great) to the FLV, and it improved the taste of my mixes.


I’d use between 1 and 3 bottle drops, increase up to 6 bottle drops.

1 bottle drop = .02g or .02ml or .04%

Depends too on what you are adding to it.
I keep a 4oz bottle around as it is not just for vaping. I enjoy it with tea(s) too. It’s also good for cooling you down in the summer. Just use a few drops on your neck and you will feel the difference!

I love my @Flavorah Peppermint… as well as Ice, cool menthol and Irish Cream… oh gee don’t get me started on the creams… gota collect them all :wink: <3

As far as compare… you dont need a compare… try it out… you will not go back to TFA. or I will buy what ever you do not like. Simple :wink:


Thanks! I went ahead and ordered some. I make a peppermint cream and to get it where i wanted i use 5% tpa peppermint. More than the average. Could never get into fa peppermint. Will have to experiment with the flavorah. I am peppermint junkie.


Hey SmokyBlue! Thanks for the reply. Been perusing your recipes for awhile planning on buying a bunch of flavorah during the next big sale. Like reading your posts!

I am planning on using it in this:


Apologies for the oversight. Two residents are always better than one.


No apologies necessary! Just trying to add to the list of resources for the OP to get input from (Hopefully!) :wink:


I can not say how it will turn out, as you might call me a purist on my flv flavors.
I do not like mixing them with standard flavors as I found found for me, they just work better on their own. You might find out you like FLV mixed in or not… :smile:

I have been working with not only FLV but a few other ultra flavoring companies and labs for a very long time. I enjoy what I mix… :wink:

If I was to turn that recipe to all flv, it’d look like this:L

1% Cream
.4% Marshmallow
.18% Peppermint
.12% Rich Cinnamon
.12% Smooth Vanilla

and add in:
.4% Cotton Candy
.12% Ice/Cool Menthol

Have a lot of fun! :slight_smile:

*note: FA Peppermint reminded me more of the peppermint snaps more so than a good peppermint and some folks just can not deal with it… but it does make a good base for some jager! :slight_smile:

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Now i know what flavorah to get on my order! :smile: thanks for the input. I see we are almost neighbors! I am near asheville! Keep warm! Cold out there!


I <3 Ashville, but haven’t been up there in a long time… might have to make a road trip this summer!
and always… fuzzy socks, my fire going and just kicking back tonight. (For a change!) :blush: