[FLV] Rich Cinnamon - Cloudy Mix?

hey guys

just wondering if anybody else has been mixing with flavorah’s rich cinnamon.

i bought it because of all the rave reviews here http://e-liquid-recipes.com/flavor/45576

for some reason, it always clouds up and mix i make with it… i’ve only tried mixing apple/cinnamon recipes, and have had no issues with cap’s cinnamon danish swirl / tpa’s cinnamon spice / fa’s cinnamon ceylon

is this common? should i be concerned? the vape seems alright, but the “cloudy cider” look does not appeal and is quite concerning

any information/advice/etc’s would be sincerely appreciated


There are more flavours that do that and they are perfectly ok to vape.

Rich cinnamon is it a hot cinnamon type cinnamon or more like in a Danish or something.

Definitely a bakery cinnamon rather than a candy/red hot cinnamon. Very good flavor and highly recommend it but it’s super expensive. Next best thing is FA’s cinnamon ceylon.

not only cloudy but it seems to kill any kind of apple i use with it maybe a month steep and i loose my apples entirely i love the taste i think it also is giving my coils up a little more prematurely. i got rid of some creams and itsstop being so cloudy but took out my apples in 5 days .just want to let you know your not alone

im using .75 in most of my recipes

This is the most concentrated flavor I’ve used. I haven’t had any issue with it clouding my mixes, maybe because I only use 1 drop per 30 mls. I can see it killing a mix @ .75%… way too much IMO. Try using it at 1 drop per 30 mls or 2 drops if you’re feeling bold.

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You can also do a 10 % solution in PG and use like 0.1 % in your mix, or at least start low.

hey guys

thanks for getting back to me about this, as it was a huge concern…! really appreciate your insight

it’s a shame, as the rich cinnamon really smells amazing - i have quite a collection of cinnamon flavours (cap’s cinnamon danish, fa’s cinnamon ceylon and tfa’s cinnamon spice) and thought i would treat myself to this - but the cloudy mix really does not appeal visually

@jims_kitchen thanks for the empathy! i doubt i could wait as long as a month for my apple/cinnamon mixes, it’s the season after all

@Pro_Vapes might have to stop feeling so bold and put my cinnamon fetish aside for now; appreciate the education!

@anon60225325 diluting the concentrate further might help, will give this one a go to! thank you

might just roll with it and call it “scrumpy” (for anybody not in the UK, it’s a kind of strong cloudy cider we have here)

i was using .5% and that was enough to fog up the bottle pretty badly.

kind of regret draining the bottle now! will give it another go

thanks again everybody


I’ve been using “Rich Cinnamon” @ 2drops per 30ml. in a sweet rolls recipe and have no clouding. Great bakery flavor on the exhale.:smiley: