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FLV Virginia Tobacco Duplicated

so … no logical explanation needed. Basically, Tobacco industry and Uruguayan government are partners, the share the revenue and protect their monopoly of the nicotine products market. That’s the reality. Despite the fact that here we were one of the first in the region on banning smoking on public spaces and close environments public or private, which by the way I applaud and support, being a smoker most of my life. So, nothing is black and white. The devil is in the details.
There’s no other product on the market banned without any research whatsoever only based on the premise that “it is not effective” … that’s completely ridiculous


It is understandable (but not as a result justifiable) that governments wish to place the “burden of proof” (that some particular product or substance is “safe” and/or “effective”) upon those who manufacture, distribute, and possess such things. So much easier to default to prohibition (placing the burden of proof on others) than to engage in analyses that (might, possibly) convincingly show any such “dangers” or “ineffectiveness”. As we know, there exists no dearth of data these days regarding dangers of inhalation of combusted plant material products. Thus, it may likely be monetary interests (and not health and safety) that “wins the day”.

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Hey @Trooper1 and @50YearsOfCigars,

It is possible that you have a miss labeled bottle of Virginia Tobacco. @Smokeyblue and others are correct that a flavor can turn darker with time (think of an apple after taking a bite), but FLV Virginia Tobacco will stay a dark green, versus brown. Also, the flavor profiles should be very distinct and different between FLV Red Burley and FLV Virginia, so if it smells different, then it is different.

We (Flavorah) have a distributor opening up in Uraguay that might be able to help you get a replacement. We are happy to facilitate that, so please send me a PM and I will connect you!

@50YearsOfCigars, I appreciate your objective reviews and advice. It is nice to get feedback from somebody like you who has a strong palett for NETs. As you know, all of our tobacco flavors are made without tobacco. This is an important distinction for a company that manufactures in the USA because the tobacco extracts are not considered “food grade” or GRAS, and those are standards that we must maintain. A couple US companies use Tobacco absolutes borrowed from the cologne scents, and that works albeit by essentially using a sub-par NET. Before the US FDA began trying to ban ejuice, we had some beautiful NETS in R&D. One early reviewers feedback was that they were dangerously good, and would probably lead him back to smoking analogs, so we pivoted to keep our entire line of flavoring tobacco free.


Yeah ya did! :wink: From first hand experience, I can say, it’s too bad FLV couldn’t have taken that NET to market; would have been real jewels in the crown of FLV’s tobacco offerings. :confused:


Thank you @Flavorah… for the good news of yet another distributor and for responding…

You are fab!! :smile:


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