Flying with DIY Liquids ✈

alright guys

i’m leaving england on april 25th to asia and wondered if anybody has ever tried taking their DIY creations abroad with them

at a guess, i reckon it’s doubtful any have ever been successful - being an unbranded liquid in somebody’s gear would not bode so well with security i imagine! :slight_smile:

but considering how cheaper it is to bring your own, i’m thinking of taking some with me

any thoughts on this, and any dealings with security?



Make a nice professional label and get a couple of shrink wrap sleeves.


I have flown internationally numerous times with my DIY eliquid and never had a problem at either end.
It was always in my carry-on bags inside the required zip lock nylon bag that has to be used for all liquids.
Bottles no bigger than 100ml, no more then 1 liter in total, in one bag only.
I was asked what it is a couple of times, I said eliquid and that was the end of it.
The label on the bottle will not a make a difference, the security checkers know that you could easily empty out the labled bottle and replace the liquid with anything.
At very worst they could do a check on the liquid for drugs or illegal chemicals, but once they discover that it doesn’t contain anything illegal, you’ll be able to continue.
They are very used to people travelling with eliquid and vape gear.


I can absolutely corroborate what @benjy337 stated above. I just flew domestic in the US with my own DIY liquid, 3 mods, 3 tanks, an RDA and 6 batteries. I also had a ton of USB cables and other stuff…As a matter of fact, my bag was so crammed with stuff, security missed the multi-tool I had forgotten was in my bag (until I arrived at my destination). No questions whatsoever through security. They obviously didn’t even go through my bag…As long as you are complying with the rules for liquids, you should be fine. just FYI as well, try and empty any tanks as they tend to leak with pressure changes…good luck and safe travels!


I would think it would be fine. In the US you’re limited to liquids in bottles that hold 3.4oz (100ml) or less and all liquid must fit in a single 1 quart size ziplock type bag if you’re carrying it on. There are no limits for liquid in a checked bag afaik. Here in the US I wouldn’t even worry about making a professional label, but I don’t know the specific rules over there, so I’d call or check the website of whatever organization performs the local airline security theater over there to double check.


My daughter took a virtual bucket of different bottles I made for her home with her on a plane in her suitcase last spring. You really should not have a problem.

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Flying regularly with DIY liquids and never had a problem. Last time I even got my current 6ml carry-on supply through security with no questions asked. It wasn’t even in a sealed bag :relaxed:

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I’ve flown many times with DIY liquid. Never had a problem :slight_smile:


I was planning on asking the exact same question :slight_smile: the lady and I finally settled on our honeymoon destination. we get married jun 3rd in lake of the ozarks MO and then we fly out to Cancun Mexico for a six night all inclusive stay at a resort in the Rivira Maya section. So looking forward to this but i am going to need to take like 400ml of liquid with me to get me by! I will carry on a small bottle but planned on packing our bigger bottles in the check bag… seems like it shouldnt be a big issue?


No singular bottles over 100ml/3.4oz and as many as can fit in a 1 quart zip lock baggie. No LiIon batteries in checked bags. Carry-on all your e-liquids in the pressurized cabin as liquids can likely escape under lowered pressure inside checked baggage in the belly of some planes. Carry on your vape gear too because you are going to want it immediately upon exiting the airport (lost luggage? panicked nightmares!)

I edited some label names …like Butter Beer became “Butterscotch” I mean if your fav new mix is named “Nitro Punch” …“Alien Blood” or “Pineapple Express” you may want to change :wink: Here’s the US TSA info


Keep in mind the TSA blog post is only for US domestic flights. OP is asking about flying from England to Asia. There may be different rules governing flying with liquid, which is why I suggested OP checks with his local and destination airline security organization.


alright guys,

firstly - thank you all for your responses, sincerely appreciated!

it’s music to my ears to hear that @benjy337 @FMAM @Maureeenie @Naseschwarz and @daath havent had any issues flying with their liquids - the most i’ve done before is a few 30ml premiums (bought pre-DIY days :slight_smile:) which were blatantly obvious… which makes me dig @woftam’s suggestion of making them look like the premo’s

and @FMAM is entirely spot on; the cabin pressure changes messed up my tanks pretty badly on my last flight! good reminder!

maybe i’m being overly cautious, but i assumed that most security folk would raise an eyebrow at “yellowish looking liquid” being taken aboard… unless i was fond of securing my own urine in bottles for good measure

but lame jokes and pisstakes aside, i am indeed flying from the united kingdom - and i suspect their regulations are pretty similar to that of the US

i did manage to find this website, and nicotine is not listed as a prohibited or restricted item by the looks of it

of course, DIY liqs fall under “any other solutions and items of a similar consistency”

i must say that i dig your butterscotch branding @BoDarc :slight_smile:

cheers again to everybody for their answers; i’ll just phone the airport to be sure and report back here when i’ve done so for anybody else wondering the same thing!

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Your tanks will leak at high elevation too. (uh oh)

But all the Palm VG and e-cig manufacturing come from Asia? Be kind of a buzz kill for Chinese electronics industry?

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Remember to not make your bottles completely full, too - esp. with glass. That could go wrong (although unlikely), but having your whole suitcase drenched in juice isn’t the best start after a flight, however tasty it might smell! :laughing:

Oh, that would assume that it’s actually security what they’re concerned with! :unamused: It’s all just for show, to make everyone feel safe. This gets to my nerves, very badly, every single time I fly - just think about all the minutes and hours of lifetime wasted of everyone, not speaking of the tremendous costs, basically to improve the safety by near to nothing… :rage:
Hope you have a pleasant flight anyhow!:wink:

@Naseschwarz hahah, yeah i can see you feel passionate about the subject! it’s one of those necessary obstacles we have to deal with in our every day lives… it’s a 11.5 hour flight as well… so this will be interesting on so many levels :slight_smile:

will heed your advice - and with the camera equipment i plan to take with me - the last i want is juice all over it all :smile:

too lazy to phone ahead about this, and have decided to run the gauntlet

besides there is one (literally one, i think) vape shop in sri lanka… so a safety net probably :smile:

Flying domestic US next month, and I’m not concerned about the mods, liquids, batteries & empty tanks that will be packed properly in the carry on.

I’d like to have something available after getting to my destination, that’s easy to get to, and has some juice in it. All my tanks are bottom fill, so it would be a bit of a hassle to unpack from carry on, fill something, and repack, in the terminal. I’d rather save that for the hotel.

What are the rules for carrying on person? I have a little Ego One Mini that would be perfect for a quick fix after the flight. I was thinking 1/3 or 1/2 full, maybe in a smaller zip lock, either in pocket or, in an easily accessible pocket on the carry on.


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You can have a device ready. But with a tank 1/2 or or any level the liquid will leak out. That why I wrap up my tanks in a paper towel. Anything that leaks gets absorbed and your ready for a quick wipe down and fill. But atleast your coil is primed.

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Thanks. That’s what I’ll do, then. I’ll vape it down to next to nothing, the night before. Like you said, at least the coil will be primed. I’ll just need to put a squirt or two in it, for a quick fix while we’re waiting for the shuttle to the hotel.

Then it’s hello Fremont Street!