Focalcig US Warehouse Customer Service

I placed an order from Focalcig on 05-03-15 and they haven’t shipped it yet. I emailed an inquiry and waiting for a response. I got my Vapor Flask from them in less time that it takes to ship this order. One thing I look for in a vendor is consistency.

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That’s very odd. They’ve been super quick with correspondence with me. What’s the email address you’re using?

Whenever I’ve ordered from them each item has had a small print saying <img src="/uploads/default/4102/128992055a0b03e7.jpg" width=“690” height="39
Did the vf ship from their USA warehouse??


I missed that part. But it still sux. I’m not a patient man.

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Having a sorta-similar problem with kinglyvapes. I bought 2 m80 pluses v.0006 last tuesday and they advertised it would be sent out wed/thur which made me assume they had them in stock. Got an email yesterday that they are waiting for their box to come in and barring any unforeseen circumstances they would ship Monday. I don’t mind waiting as long as I know up front. Don’t imply you have stock when you don’t. Really pickles my butt…
Too bad too because I really liked their mission statement (my term, not theirs).


Some vendors have a super fast turnover and get your products in the mail same day or next day and that’s what I have gotten use to. So when there are delays it really annoys me. I would love to order from FT but I don’t have the patience. I saw @daath reply to a post where he was waiting for his Goblin to arrive from FT and now they are already selling a upgraded version. That’s gotta suck.

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Truly! That behavior, business-wise, says nothing but, “we just want your money”.


I wish I could pay vendors C.O.D. (cash on delivery), I bet you they would your product to you quickly then.


I got the auto response notifying me that the email was received and they would get back to me during normal business hrs.


So…just buy a whole bunch more shit and you’ll have vapemail everyday and you be able to pass the time and before u know pow focal’s stuff will b @ ur door… lol


I do have 3 other order on they way, I’m just saying tho.


I was just talking with my mother about something like this. We were discussing how quickly her stuff came from FT, 9 days from order to delivery. When i was a kid ordering something from Illinois to Wisconsin could take a couple weeks just in transit. The anticipation did even begin until weeks after i ordered something.

But now? GIBS ME MY SHUFFZ NOW!! I set auto-refresh on the USPS tabs i have open and they are set to refresh every half an hour. I stalk my mailman to the point that we are friends, i also got him to quit smoking but giving him my first SVD. Still, how long will it be until things are ordered and transported? Will we be pissed about the seconds? hehe

Crazy how mine, our, expectations have changed so much over a couple decades. I look forward to what the furture brings yet it scares me at the same time.


Quit encouraging him! As if he doesn’t post something new in the Vape Mail thread every other day and make us all super envious. Sheesh. :stuck_out_tongue:


Delivery by Drones? Amazon Reveals Future of Shipping


I like to refer to it as the microwave generation. I’m as guilty as anyone else. 3 minutes to cook a whole meal? That’s gonna take forever!! LoL


I got that auto response as well when I emailed them, however, within 24 they did get back with me. I’d just keep slinging emails at them with your order number in the subject line, over and over, til they answer your email with a real response by a real person.

Good luck and I hope they get your order out asap! I hate a long wait myself.

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I don’t have a problem with the email. It’s how long it takes them to get product out the door that’s got me pissed. I live in Tennessee and it’ll get here quick if they just get it in the mail. When I order from MFS in NC on Friday I sometime get my product on Mon., Tues. at the latest. Its been 6 days and its not even on the way. I have a problem with that. They must have 1 shipping guy that works 1 day out of a week.



What’s that invention?

I don’t own one. Lol.

I used to. But found I was only nuking baked beans (not sure if you guys have baked beans)

I’m a bit of an amateur chef anyway so the microwave was just an extra area to put crap on top of to keep out of the way lol.



Continuing discussion from another post, concerning the Waidea Vapor Flask V3:

Yes, the saga continues with my defective flask. However, Focalecig has been excellent in their communication with me concerning this issue. I always get an email response back within 24 hrs.

Focalecig offered replacement or refund; I decided to go with a refund, seeing as how from reading many posts in other forums, there are other folks having issues such as mine.

Perhaps the Sigelei 75 watt won’t be a disappointment; I’ll put my money on that horse if the reviews are good.

Now, we’ll see how long it will take for Focalecig to make good on the refund; just put in the request today.