Focalecig discount code

I just got us a 5% discount code for focalecig. It’s not valid for group buys or promotional items, but still :smile: The code is: ELRECIPES

Visit focalecig here!


This Focalecig site is product already in the US. It’s not a whole bunch of items, but what is there should ship out within a couple of days of purchase. I purchased an item from the USA warehouse on April 22nd and got notification w/tracking info on April 24th. Fairly quick, I’d say.

Just FYI, there was a $2 ship fee associated with the order. I don’t know if the ELR discount code works for USA warehouse purchases, since I ordered before @daath got us a code, but I’ll try to find out and report back.

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It wouldn’t take Discount Code at the US Warehouse

Thanks. I’ll ask about that!

Wow. Insanely quick response from them:

Dear Lars,

Sorry that i forgot to mention that no coupon code can be applied to US warehouse either. It is because of the high cost on different warehouse. Hope you understand.
Best Regards,


Well, dang it! Oh well, the prices are still pretty good and they do ship quick!

Yes, Doris doesn’t mess around. I went through about 5 emails with Doris when I ordered my product and the replies were super fast!