For free. LNW blueberry 10ml

I will only give away items that are unopened. I may have some flavors I’m getting rid of soon. This one is free for anyone who will pay the cheapest shipping to get it to them.


I’ll take them. Do you want to wait until you know which ones you’re getting rid of to dave on shipping?


This is everything I’m giving a way for now (blueberry included from last picture is the same). If I like the Flavorah brand as much as I think I will, I’ll probably wind up tossing all the open stuff away. I’m not going to steep stuff it for a month. It’s to long for me leave it in the cabinet.

The Tigersblood is 18mg. see if you can cut it by going to LNW and getting one in 0mg (or 2 lol).

all of these bottles may have stains because I had a bottle bust in shipping. It was replaced but these shouldn’t have been opened. If any are, trash them.

That’s why I’m giving them away. with this new disease from China hitting the states, wash the outside to make sure nothing got picked up on them in the mail.

Tell me what you want me to send. anything that doesn’t get picked up gets tossed.


Hi do you still have these

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Sorry. I don’t.

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