Found a "DIY" vape shop

Travelling, I went to a Vape shop in Tucson, Arizona. It was quite different than anything I’ve seen before. It had a wall of maybe 200 flavor concentrates, some PG, VG, and liquid Nic, and they made juice to order while you wait. Using your recipe, or one of theirs. No ready made juice, and a very limited range of hardware. So basically, a DIY shop.

The lone clerk was clueless about the business, as usual, and could not answer questions about how they get their Nic. He did not recognize “PACT Act” when I asked. All the flavors looked generic, no logos on the bottles. They would not sell the Nic by itself, which I thought was strange, since it was right there on the shelf in a 1 liter bottle (also unlabeled generic).

I’ve expected, and hoped, that vape shops and tobacco stores would someday sell Nic, since they likely have all the licensing and shipping options covered. But I’ve yet to see it. Have any of you found stores selling Nic?


I’ve been to 4 vape shops in the Atlanta area over the last 15 months. It wasn’t worth the effort of getting out of the car.


Yea we have a diy place like that here in Vegas. Flavors are not great in my opinion but could definitely work for some. Too bad they wouldn’t let me buy their nic


I wish i would have known. I just got back from Vegas. I had to buy some over priced pre-made.


Yea next time you come out check it out, they’re called the vapery


Probably re-bottled stuff, usually the clue is in the name of the flavours… Forest Fruit?? FA. and so forth. If you just buy FA, CAP and TPA you fill the shelves in no time.
To just sell flavours, PG and VG is a good idea though… F**k those laws… what’s a PACT Act? Who cares… it’s not trafficking… Ahahah


I agree, I haven’t found a vape shop in Atlanta or the South side that is worth them claiming to be a vape shop… mostly disposables & CBD/Delta8 shops - C-store stuff!! Don’t get to the North side much, not sure if they’re any better?!? Not a rebuildable in any of them, much less any wire/cotton worth having. None of them had much of a juice selection and definitely NO DIY flavors, but that’s no surprise!