Found a nice piece of news today (vaping is bad Mmmkay)



This reaction can happen “even if you’re smoking just pure water vapor with no nicotine,” says Jani.

So it happens when we are just breathing then…


While this article may or may not be 100% accurate and may come from a standpoint of just giving information, it’s frustrating how jaded I’ve become to any pro and anti vaping articles. Seems like it’s impossible to know if any article has an agenda other than public health. The near constant barrage of conflicting info makes me not trust any of it.



I’ll just leave this here, it smells less than this propaganda from pfeizer.

Before vaping I was forever getting bronchitis and upper respiratory infections. Since I started vaping, these last 4 years now, I haven’t been sick like that. Sure, I still have allergies, and I’ve had the flu and other unrelated stuff, but the constant throat / lung infections seem to be a thing of the past. I realize that is mostly anecdotal, but I expect anyone who has vaped for years will tell you the same. They all feel better, and while I still get anxious if I don’t get my vape on, I don’t feel nearly as pressed for it as I once did for the next cigarette.

Should kids take it up as a hobby? No. But if they are going to choose vaping or smoking, by all means, let them vape.


Based of personal experience.

Vaping is way better than cigs. And big tobacco doesn’t like this fact.

Personally I believe most of the anti vape media is backed by big tobacco

Look at this from that article

Though Dr. Jani is firmly anti-vaping, he admits that it’s “still too early to say how many people smoking e-cigarettes will actually develop problems as a result.” Dr. Jackler agrees, adding that while we can make predictions, “only time will tell.”

Love the double talk doctors use. If later e cigs are found to pose no health risk. And dr Jani is asked about this statement. Jani could say he didn’t say e cigs posed a health risk this is what he meant…

still too early to say if people smoking e-cigarettes will actually develop problems as a result, only time will tell

Both are the same sentences and mean virtually the same thing just the first one kinda dooms e cigs

I think Edgar Allan Poe said it best

Believe half of what you see and nothing of what you hear


I’m glad I’m not tho only one that caught the double talk bs!


Yeah it would be much better to purchase one of the approved smoking cessation products offered by Big Pharma …is that the unspoken conclusion of this article? …where’s that poop emoji :poop: ahh there you are


Well I’m happy to award NBC with the Ogre Asshole of the Year award! Good going guys!


They’re fucking idiots!


This article fail so many test to determine real news it isn’t funny.
"This reaction can happen “even if you’re smoking just pure water vapor with no nicotine,” says Jani."
The article follows the line that everything about living can be dangerous. The article states no real unknown facts, just scare mongering.


I’ve decided to follow this recommendation …and stop showering [eyeroll emoji]


To tell the truth, I don’t even read them anymore. Total waste of time.


I just find the article’s humorous.

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Nice @SmilingOgre


“American youth are now more likely to use e-cigarettes than any other form of tobacco.”

I love this part… they finally completed the statement, instead of just saying youth are using e-cigarettes more than ever. The truth is that they are making a healthier choice from the beginning. I wish vaping had been popular when I started smoking at age 12!