Four washington vape stores being sued

sorry if this has already been posted its news to me smh

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Problem / Reaction / Solution

Problem: Ecigs blowing everybody’s faces off.
Reaction: Holy shit, says the public, somebody has to do something about this!
Solution: Big Tobacco takes over industry by producing “safe” vaporizers.


ya did you read the article and the stats its ctazy how they go from defective batteries but then they say batteries were in pockets the most interesting thing is ECX is on of them being sued i hope they all get cleared but im sure the insurance companies will prevent this from going to courts

Yeah… Those batteries do scare me sometimes though. So much power packed into a little tube. I could be wrong, but I don’t think 18650’s were designed to be handled directly… sure some are used in flashlights, but for the most part they are used in sealed laptop battery enclosures.

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ive actually wondered what else these batts are used for obviously a new battery wasnt designed for mods , ive just never looked into it , ive noticed a few of mine the wraps at the ends are coming off so i tossed them it just isnt worth the risk and i have no desire to rewrap , i do personally think down the road mech mods all types even the box mech mods will be banned along with rda type atomizers im not saying they should be i just think the fda will look into the way some people build and the unregulated power of the mech mods and determine them unsafe just an opinion

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They may ban them for sure. I am personally more scarred of the batteries I cannot inspect in the vape pens and enclosed devices…who knows what cheep or low quality or poor build quality it is if you cannot see it. It allows a manufacturer to throw any POS together to make a profit.


thats the truth and i love pen style devices like the aspire k4 kit thats is why i took advantage of the provapes sale and finally got a provari

The problem I have with articles like this is, they don’t mention the make and model of the problem devices. Any reputable shop would stop selling a device if there were known problems but how can they be blamed if there’s no reason to suspect a danger?


Personally I like regulated mods, like my Eleaf iStick Pico, that allows for a battery swap. But there should be a warning about proper battery handling and charging. I asked my local shop for a silicone battery cover for my extra battery and they told me it wasn’t necessary, when I still wanted one they had to look around for it. So I guess there should be training on the sales side of it as well.


Are these not exactly the same batteries that are in cordless hardware tools, laptops and many other devices. We are being ignorantly targeted. It’s the devil in the rock n roll syndrome. Bahhhh.


I’m sure that there are vape shops selling Junk battary. But for the most part it up to us the user to make sure there care for. You have to use the plastic battary box’s. I use them for all my battary’s storage and carrying. I also DON’T use non regulated mods,If that was the case. Please people use car with the lilaum battary’s.