Freddie’s Review of the Vaporesso Renova Zero

Thank you @Heaven_Gifts for the change to win the Vaporesso Renova Zero device to test and review!

Dearest Vape family, This is gonna be a real quick review and my photos don’t do it justice. @Heaven_Gifts product page pictures are much better to check out.

The Vaporesso Renova Zero

My thoughts and experience using it:

  • Great for new Vapors or people who like having a few back-up devices to carry around.

  • Draw activated. No buttons to press to fire it.

  • 5 clicks on and off.

  • Press to fill, no tabs to open when filling and no leaking I experienced.

  • Tighter MTL, not airy at all. It will fill your mouth with PLENTY of WARM Vapor to inhale, just like a real Cig.

  • I can’t stress this enough! - The Vapor is VERY WARM also, not just warmish like some POD devices. I find that very enjoyable different then other POD devices.

  • Has a Hugh 650mAh long lasting battery for a tiny device this size, and holds 2 ml of juice.

  • Super stealthy in your hand. But it does produce a LARGE amount of vapor (I used 30PG/70VG), so you might want to use 50PG/50VG juice (less cloud blend) if you need more stealth

  • This is the most real Cig-Like Vaping POD device I’ve used so far, due to the large amount and warmness of the vapor. I was freaked out how much it felt like a “Real-Cig Experience.”

  • Flavor is on par with other POD devices in it’s class.

  • It’s not plastic it has some nice weight to it.

  • The USB charging cable is the Highest Quality Ive seen yet, and very long at - just shy of 20" inches

Other things to consider:

  • Perfect for Nic Salts
  • Lots of color to choose from
  • Very Nice WARM Vaping experience. If your newer vapor and want a more realistic smoking experience to help start quitting.

Possible Cons:

  • You need to use the supplied bottle or other small tipped bottles to fill it.
  • You can refill the POD’s, but eventually you will have to buy a few replacement PODs.


  • 1× Zero Mod 650mAh
  • 1× 2ml Refillable Pod (1.0ohm)
  • 1× E-juice Filling Bottle (10ml)
  • 1× USB Charging Cable
  • 1× User Guide
  • 1× Warranty Card

Thank you AGAIN @Heaven_Gifts for the change to win this device to test and review!


Thanks for reviewing it @Freddie3. :slight_smile:


Short and sweet. Nicely done @Freddie3!! :+1:
I normally don’t pay too much attention to Pods or MTL devices so I was surprised to read that this produces large amounts of vapor. Always assumed they were in the ‘tootie-puffer’ class.


Thank you man! Well…if you’re in a bathroom stall and you start vaping they will notice it coming over or under depending where you blow. It’s quite a lot for a small ‘tootie-puffer’ :blush:

When I read it had temp control I assumed it meant it would shut-off or limit the heat also. But it seems to make it a much warmer vape instead. Nice surpirze!

Tightest MTL, hardest hitting, warmest Little ‘tootie-puffer’ Ive tryed so far.

If you had a vape shop to stock and sell a pod device for new vapors you wanted to make happy with your suggestion on device. I would stock these little guys for sure.


Thanks for the review!:volcano:


Thank you! :v:

Thanks for asking again Man!

I figured out why it’s producing tons of Vapor for a small device.

It was in HIGH wattage mode.

In addition to the 5 click on and off

It has a 3-click power mode change. Very nicely unexpected for a POD system

3-Clicks switches power wattage settings from

  • Green 12.5W
  • Blue 10.5W
  • Red 9W

1-Long click shows the current mode

Also When Vaping it shows battery strength

  • Green +70%
  • Blue 30%-70%
  • Red below 30%