Free E juices in Pennsylvania, USA

I have several juices I ordered before I started this DIY adventure that I am never going to vape. I would like to send them to all one place, free of charge. If I send them to separate places, then I just ask for a small amount of postage.

These are all 6 MG nicotine, and partially used. Most of the 30 ml Vapor Fi bottles were barely touched. There is a 100ml bottle of Juishy Pina Colada, 30ml bottle of Vapor Fi Pecan waffles and cream, 30ml Vapor Fi blueberry, 30ml Vapor Fi blueberry waffles and cream, 30ml Vapor Fi tropical escape, 10ml Vapor Fi peach & double cheesecake, Mitten Vapors Hobbits Blood, and Mitten Vapors melon pop. There may be things that I could do to fix some of these up to more of my liking, but honestly, I probably won’t. I just really don’t like them and I just feel bad dumping them because they cost so much! Maybe you or another vapor you know is on a tight budget and these can help. Or, if people ask you for juice a lot, you can give these away. I don’t know anyone who would vape these flavors. I know 1 person who vapes, and she is still in the closest to a cigarette stage.


I know just the guy who will vape them up. He’s always broke and always vaping the mix experiments I make while perfecting a recipe.


Perfect! Why dont you PM me your address and I will send them. I am glad someone can use them!

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Sorry to butt in but those are hopefully not even close to 6% Nic… I mean since 6% Nic is actually 60mg/ml Nic…
Nice thing to do though, giving them away.

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It’s a common flub for folks to state an incorrect nicotine content in a juice; did it myself early on in my mixing/forum days. I’m sure @Jenny1978 meant to say 6 mg nicotine, rather than 6%. :grinning: …it happens. @daath dressed me down a few times for my flubs and I learned to be more particular with my thoughts and scribblings on the forum. :wink:


Oops, Yes, I did mean to say 6mg! I don’t typically say 6%, I know the difference. I was just looking up a bunch of single flavor %'s before this, could be why. Or maybe because it was late and I wanted to post this before I forgot. But thank you for pointing that out. @Kinnikinnick thank you for saying that. :blush: I appreciate your help.


Thanks @Jenny1978, you rock!


Awe, thank you! :blush: